Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My leehom collection

This is the 1st leehom's vcd i bought. i seriously think for a very long time before i buy coz usually i dont spend so much money on cds. i got attracted when i watch this album's MV at one of the CD stores. But no regrets i immediately fell in love with the cd. (not him) haha!

Inside it looks like this. i love the cd. nice!

And that's the back.


I didn't know anything about his following album. i was having my SPM exams and then not long after that i went to national service. You know when you are in the jungle for 3 months you had no idea whats happening outside. So when i came back from ns my aunt told me she got 2 tickets to leehom's promo tour at pay fong high school. i wasnt that excited but i went. Its was a great performance but the sad thing is i cant really see him. those crazy fans were like pushing each other. they were told to sit down but they did not. And the worst part is i did not buy his album that time. there were autograph session. Aahhh!! i miss it. while those people were lining up to get his autograph i did one of the most crazy thing like a crazy fan will do. I took down one of his posters hanging outside. a really huge one. I even take a chair to climb coz i wasnt tall enough. Honestly i wasnt that crazy la. some even went across the road too take down the banners hanging at the lamp post. U know those when u are on the road u c those advertisement banners hanging at the lamp post. Somthing like that. And that time i realise i really like him. haha!

But i was really happy i manage to get one.


Not long after that i bought this.

Inside there's a cd and vcd.

I like this picture.

It comes with a photo book.

the lyrics


And then few months later i saw his concert album in speedy. And when i look at the price i was like forget about it. Seriously expensive. But i cant remember how much. After few shopping trips to mp. I cant take it anymore. I need to buy it. haha! So i went to buy it at YEEHAI records. Its cheaper there. But seriously i'm telling you its worth it!

2 cds and 2 dvds

There are 52 songs, an interview and behind the scenes

It comes with a photo book too!


And this is the latest album which i bought last year. And so i thought he will be coming again for promo tour and i can get his autograph. So sad to say he came in november when my STPM exams is so near and he only went to kl. This time i didnt manage to go.

The theme of this album is to create awareness of the environment and global warming. so the cover of the album is made of recycled paper and no plastic holders at all.

It comes with a cd and dvd.

I like this picture.

the lyrics. err.. but i dunno how to read them. hehe

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


wheeee~ i'm back from kl trip. 3days 2 nights. hahaha
such a short trip in kl. my aunt was there for her convo.
as soon we arrive went to dad's house; put our stuffs n head to klcc. yay! there's ntg much 2 shop in klcc where the things there are mostly branded. LV, burberry, chanel, etc. so what we did most of the time is eat! haha

as soon we arrive we went to genki sushi!

err.. we were too eager to eat that i 4got to take a pic of it. only think of it when we finish. haha

green tea

just finish our meal

and then we went to kinokuniya. 1st thing caught my eyes was this

death box!

and we were wondering what's inside.

And then we had nowhere to go we went to the art gallery.
It was jolly koh's art and it was so artistic that my sis n i cant see what is it in the paintings except for this


And then my aunt called to meet her at dome. eat again.
This time we had pancakes and chocolate. so yummy!!!
I love their peppermint tea.
The pancake cost RM15 and the cake is Rm 12. the tea it about Rm 9plus
no wonder so delicious.

LEEHOM!! at tower records (Do you see something weird?)

The next day we went sg wang and pavilion. Things in sg wang so damn bloody cheap!
And sad to say i have to keep my money on smtg else. so cant buy anything. sob.. sob..

In pavilion we get to meet some celebrities.

Fiona Sit (check out her leggings)

Gary Chao Ge

the lady in yellow dress sitting down is one of tvb hk actress. pretty famous wan. but i dunno what's her name.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


this is my 1st time blogging. i actually don't really fancy blogging until i've read a few of the famous blogs n i thought why not give it a try. besides i can improve my language. haha. so hopefully there will be people reading my blog. chaoz