Thursday, June 26, 2008


YO! It was mine and wm advanced birthday celebration! It was also our last gathering before going into uni. And also it has been a long long long time since the seven of us has gathered. Very rare you know.

Our birthday cake

Pictures of the night

silly pose

Err.. we suppose to look like mickey mouse. LOL!

The graceful side of us??

Jein lying comfortably on the huge pillow and OUR legs.

yummy waffles!!!

These are my birthday presents!

OMG Its leehom!! LOL!

The mug with our pictures on it.

Its green on the inside! NICE!

oh! and also a leehom poster which i din take a picture of it. Oh well but it looks exactly like this:

sony ericsson supporters?? 3 walkman phones and 3 cyber shot phones. haha! Not all mine la. Only 1/6 is mine. HAHA!

Thanks for all the lovely presents! I really like it!

Well i guess this is the last post before going to uni. I will not update for at least a week. Or maybe more. Just wanna tell all my friends who is leaving: good luck! All the best! Keep me up to date with what's going on and dont forget to miss me coz i will miss you people!! MUAX!

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's back!!!

MTV Asia Awards is back!!!!!!! And this time it's gonna be in MALAYSIA!!!! ON 2nd august.. Wooooohoooooo!!!!! I wanna go I wanna go! Its going to be in genting!! Woooohoooo! I remember few years back leehom was the host of mtv asia awards.. And i wasn't able to watch because i was still schooling and its showing kinda late.. Oh but i dont think he's gonna be back this time. *sob* *sob*

Leehom in MTV Asia Awards 2006, Bangkok

8tv's summer live concert is going to be in MITC, Melaka!! On the 23rd august. Wooohooo! I wonder whether i can attend this concert this time. I don't understand. Why they dont wanna have it in melaka while i'm in melaka? gawd!! This time they are having jolin tsai, rainie, luo zi xiang (woohoo!).. etc.. etc..

~Blogging makes me happy.~

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great show!

woooooot!! Just finish watching Heart of greed. GOSH GOSH! great tvb drama. They practically quarrel from the 1st till last episode. There are a total of 40 episodes. (Very long hor) I pity the actors and actresses because they need to quarrel most of the time. It must be tiring. lol! Honestly in this show I love to watch them quarrel. Every word they say has their inner meaning. Nice nice! Awesome!

BTW its going to show on astro wah lai toi soon. Don't miss it! Oh oh i've heard there's a second part of this show coming soon but it will be a different storyline but the same actors and actresses. Looking forward for it too!


I hate msn messenger but i like to use it. Gawd!!! Sometimes when you think you are sign in actually you are not. And when you think you are sign out your status is still sign in. Do you know how much msn cause problems.. Messages sent not received. The other day my sis mistakenly ask me to buy an extra movie ticket. Her friend told my sis to cancel 1 ticket but she did not receive that particular message on msn. Is msn messenger going to pay the loss? Its really frustruating!! I wonder if most of you encounter this problem. Some of my friends has already switch to yahoo messenger.

It 12.55 am already. *yawn* Going to sleep soon. Good night!

I love blogging!

Dreaming of dolls

I was reading my sis's blog the other day and i saw her post about dolls at OMG!!! and guess what?!? the dolls.... gosh! SO PRETTY! I was starring into her eyes for at least a minute. I felt like hypnotized.

You can even customised your own dolls. You can buy the head, the body, the eyes, hands and wig seperately. You also can buy their dress too. Then you can play dress up. hahaha! You can even choose to have make up or not on your dolls.

The picture uploaded is kinda small. Do check out the website for more and bigger pictures. And seriously you will also stare into their eyes.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


There's alot going on in my heart and brain. Been thinking alot for these few days. I've got what i want but seems like it isnt what i want. Haha! confuse eh?

Well i've been worrying of uni stuffs, worrying of not getting in, worrying not getting the course that i want but now i need not to worry anymore!! I've got what i want exactly what i want. well not exactly but that's what i want. I can't hope for more.

But but thinking that i'll be leaving, leaving my darling li chia alone in melaka (wahahaha!), no more together with my best buddies makes me a bit sad lor. haha! and then i haven had enough of my holidays!! And now i have a whole lot of things to prepare. gosh gosh! help! HELP!

Well at least before start worrying all these i manage to watch kung fu panda! haha! very funny! love his tummy.. haha! oh oh and also forensic heroes II. so far he haven die.. I dun want him to die.. Thinking of all these makes me forget of all my problems that i need to settle but that is just for a while.

Gotta sleep now. sleepy sleepy. its 2.40 am now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


My computer is back. Well actually I did not do anything. And eventually it heal itself. I seriously think that he is really angry with me for watching leehom the whole day I guess... haha!

Fuhhhh!!! Finally I'm back from 2 days of working. Gawd!! So tired!! And in case u don't know, I've been working at Linda's place for the weekend. And now I wanna tell you what happen yesterday.. worst day! There weren't many customers so i decided to go buy my lunch. When I came back and i wanted to eat my chicken rice customers keep coming non-stop and altogether i took about 1 hour to finish my chicken rice.. Gawd!!!! And most annoying are those stupid customer like this..

customer: how much is this?
me: RM 12.90
customer: What?!? I saw this in kl for bla bla bla bla ( I wasn't listening of what is she saying as there were other customer asking me question. I was thinking since she think its expensive she will just walk away and NO she did not she continue to babble! I almost wanna scream at her asking her to go buy it yourself in kl. I was a little moody coz i wasn't able to eat my lunch and my stomach is like growling and growling.)
customer: Come on.. Give me discount..
me: sorry.. fixed price
customer: Why cannot? mid valley sells even cheaper.. ( I think she is abit of angry) Malaccan also u dun wan give discount!

WTF! Who cares if u malaccan or not? That item really cannot give discount ma. Maybe if she talk nicely I'll sell it for RM12. Seriously that's the least i can give her. BTW that kiosk also not mine. They think I wan sell how much i can sell how much meh.. I hate it when people say they saw it somewhere cheaper. Why don't she buy there? They thought they go pasar buy fish ahh.. Eh the other stall sell cheaper le.. Why yours so expensive? Eh we same kampong one cheaper la.

Nevermind later there's one lady was choosing 3 for Rm 10 ear rings for almost half an hour and then 4 for RM 10 earrings another half an hour. Wah lau! you think you choose 3 for RM 10000 ear rings arh. This one not too bad lor there's one choosing for almost half an hour also did not buy even one!!!! I very tired wan le standing waiting for you...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh no!

My computer broke down yesterday while i was watching leehom (of course!) on youtube. I guess he was too tired or angry with me for watching leehom for the past few days. NoOOoooOOOooo! and he doesn't wanna function. It was the power supply again. I have been changing new power suppy for like 3 or 4 times already. And just change a new one recently probably 2 or 3 months ago. This is a picture of my computer.

I know i know its kinda old. Maybe almost 3 years i cant remember but hey I love it so much you know. Although it looks old on the outside but its kinda canggih on the inside. Not that canggih la but for me its good enough. I especially love the speakers, its green (GO GREEN!) Haha! And now probably i need to wait for another week for my dad to bring back a new power supply (despite he bought this power supply from kl and its still under warranty and also he can go screaming at the person who sell him such lousy thing.. hehe) and currently i'm still trying to download msn messenger.. gahhhH!!!

So now i guess i'm going to watch the tv since forensic heroes is not loading ( I don't want him to die!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I found this in my kitchen.
It is used for washing fruits and vegetables. Its like the dish washer liquid but its use for fruits and vegetables. -.-"
Fruit and vegetable rinse?? What were these people thinking? haha!
It says
1. environmentally safe
2. derived from plant sources
3. finest organic ingrdients

So i guess if you drink it you wont die. haha

I doubt anybody in my house is using it. Coz it looks like it had not been touch. And it costs RM 36.25!!!
Is this neccesary?

I wanna watch kung fu panda! Who wants to watch with me?? Haha...

Monday, June 9, 2008


I'm back from another kl trip again. haha! This time coming back from kl, there is kinda drastic change in me --> my hair.
My hair stylist practically chop one third of my hair. arghhh!! And i end up looking like a

1. little kid
2. mushroom
3. having a wig
4. or mayb a broom
5. some say like cleopatra

I seriously not used to it at first but now i think its ok. :)

This time in kl i did a lot of shopping. But i didn't really buy anything. Lack of cash. haha
I've been resisting myself from buying anything. sob sob..


Just finish watching "tou niu, yao bu yao" starring hebe, he jun xiang and lee wei.
That show not only 2 main oh so good looking actors there are MORE!!! Practically all the basketball players are so good looking! hahaha! hen shuai le!

And now i'm also in forensic heroes 2 coz my leng chai there ma. haha!