Saturday, August 30, 2008

hair again

after 3 months getting my new hair, I decided to change again and i regretted. I seriously regretted. Please, if i ever said i wanted to cut hair again. Please stop me. Do not let me cut my hair for another half a year at least. I'm really sad.. But I have also receive some positive comments la. But i still dont like. I dont like. I want back my hair. :( I do not wanna go back to those days where i have short hair. arrrggghhh!! I'm so angry and sad.

Friday, August 29, 2008

atm machines are my biggest enemies

I hate atm machines!! They make me spend money. They shouldnt haven atm machines in shopping complexes. They make me spend money.

okok i know its my own fault that i wanna spend money. But but.. I cant resists the temptation. wahahaha!!

After finish 3 papers (1 more to go) for mid sem exam, I went shopping!! wooohoooo!! i went times square and sg wang alone. hahaha! You might think i'm weird shopping alone but i like shopping alone. hahaha! Btw nobody wan go shopping with me la. Mummy's working.. Friends all balik kampung. Not all but some. And so after being in the jungle for almost a month, finally I can go shopping. And i bought a pair of shoes and jeans. wahahahaha.. i wanted to buy a bag also since the bag i bought like 1 month ago started to tear ( oh well, what do you expect from a RM20 bag ) but i didnt manage to get 1 because either its too expensive or its too ugly. haha!

And now..... I'm back in melaka! woohooooo! cant wait to meet my friends and go yam cha! wahahahaha! and go shopping!! ya i know i know. I should have enough of shopping but i don't! I used to go shopping every week.

hmmmm... got nothing to say liao.
k la. BYE!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fac Night

I did mention before about fac night on the last post, well it finally ends yesterday. (OMG its raining now. It have not been rained for days. Weather damn hot!!) Back to my topic. It was yesterday the fac night and I didnt really enjoy coz i was busy with emcee-ing. I didnt emcee much as there were 4 emcees. So i guess i'll better let the more expert in emcee-ing ones do the talking. I actually feel kinda bad as i cant really help. However not only busy emcee-ing, I have to perform as well. I actually duet with my coursemate buddy a chinese song which is quite challenging coz i banana ma. And guess what we won best performance!! Actually it was half the performance as my friend and i were part 1 and part 2 was hot dancing by another 5 person.. So it was best performance for our group la. wahahahaha!! I also did mention there was a short sketch which is so embarassing and i end up not in it coz i manage to find someone to replace me on that day itself.. wahahahahah!!

Oh well, but this time i didnt took much pictures as we did not brought camera and we were also too busy. And we don't really know the people there as more than half were seniors. But we did took a few pictures but it was in senior's camera and i dont know where to find them.

It was so so tiring but i have to say the food and place was so much better than com night. However we didnt have much time for free dance and it wasnt that high. But I'm sure that seniors enjoy themselves alot as we were entertain by candidates performance.. Really good job!! I myself enjoyed watching their performance and sketch.. Especially our fac king who dress as a girl with BIG and i really mean BIG.... boobs!!! wahahahahahha!! And also our very beautiful fac queen which i seriously did not expect she could act so well. However the fac king and queen i voted wasnt the ones who win..

Actually i was really sad that i didnt took much pictures myself coz i wore a different dress from com night and i like that dress so much. But it wasnt my dress.. I borrowed from my friend.

I find myself really moody for these few days. I dunno whether is it because of stress or other reason la. Coming up I will be really really really busy for dedication and our dedication here doesnt end like one week. Its goes on and on probably for at least 3 weeks. Which means we will keep on take order and send them, then take order and send them.. AAAAAHHHH!!!! And I'm incharge. Mid term exam is coming really really soon and i have not really prepare.. Oh well I crap alot today. Better stop here la.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Finally!!! I'm almost (note that almost) finish busy with all the nonsense stuffs. Those nonsense stuff are the ones which keep me away from goin online and also causes me to sleep at 1am almost everyday. aaaahhhh!! hate those days. I havent been home for a month already.. but today at least i can relax a bit la. but fac night is coming and i have to perform duet and also a short short sketch (aaaahhhhh!!! dont like the sketch because its something really embarassing!!!!) And now i'm so stress for the sketch.. goshhh!!!!

Mid term exam is coming really soon and i havent even started revising. When i have the time i'll start to watch show, go online and sleep. oh oh and also shopping.. wahahahahaha!!!

errrrmmm... the main thing for today is to upload some random pictures. As you know i find excuse not to study coz i wanna go blogging.. hahaha!!

First of all, in uni you can sleep at anywhere, anytime and anyhow..

and even in the bus..

Whee~~ my costume for dunno what seni kreatif pentas competition. i suppose to be a jelly fish. oh well but we didnt win.

bad people's mask.. wahahahaaa!!!

on competition night.

heyyy.. she is wearing my hat..

the beautiful scenery of ukm..

zhang dong liang was here????

this is what we do when we too wu liao d.. and also to release stress.. well i find myself do learn alot of things here and also in the process of growing up and be more mature. I also meet a lot of nice people, and of course la some weird people like geeks, nerds and so on. That's what going to uni for.. To explore, understand ourselves and enjoy!! but of course there are things i dont enjoy here also la.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Amin Com Night

It was amin's com night the other day at a golf club resort. Com means college or hostel for those who didn't know la. haha!! Well the food wasnt really good and it was like those u can get at coffee shop. Actually the main thing is we took lots and lots of photos.

my fac and com mates and also my course mates for the first year. On our first year our subjects for mathematics, statistics and actuarial science are the same.

My gang at com.

My close friends at amin. Su Hui and En Wan (my choir mate)

My roommate, Hui Ping (studies statistics)

Jin Hao (studies actuarial science)

Lee Nak and I (she studies statistics)

That's Jack (also statistics).. gosh i look so fat!! arrrgggggghhhh!!!Neoh (not very sure what he studies)haha!!

Kian Seng (studies actuarial science)

en wan, su hui, pei shen ( aka patient ) and I

The middle one was last 2 years com queen.

com queen

com king

That's all..

Coming up i will be really busy with convo as i am performing in the choir and i haven been back home like for a month!! Almost a month la.. Going to be a month.. And then next weekend will be fac night which i wasn't really looking forward to because most of my fac mates not attending. They had a choice but i don't!! not fair!! reason: not really nice to mention here la. ahaha!
so till then, bye bye!!!