Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank You!

I wanna thank everyone who help me in the process of getting this award!


*slaps the forehead* Ooooppss! I am not getting Oscar or something. LOL!

Its just that I would like to thank Paul Ekman, the great psycologist who help me go through the tough stage.

Don't get fooled! I have not gone psyco because of my "Petronas Twin Towers" assigments.

But he really did help me.

On my presentation!

He is awesome and his books too. And I would like to thank the library for providing me his books. Do you know that whenever I was finding information on facial expression, his name is all over those articles. I am so happy that I actually found his book in the library. Wakakakakaka!

I spend like 2 days just to complete my outline for my informative speech. Fuh! Yes, I have to give a speech. An individual speech. Gosh!

Mid exams is in the process and it sucks! I don't have time! I don't feel like talking bout it now.

And I wanna thank High School Musical 3 for giving me great entertainmant. I've watch it four times. Once in the cinema, once on youtube and twice on the DVD. Crazy? I know. Zac Efron is hot.

And I also would like to thank laushiyea for her not really informative information. wakakaka! At least you use your brain to think something for me. And also BaoShunn for helping me to search information on the website. Thank you all!

I wished to blog more but I really don't have time! I don't even have time for my pet.

On pet society.

Got to go back to work.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Stuffs

Bought 3 things for the past 3 weeks.

Necklace from Voir for only RM19.95 after 50% discount.

A RM20 wallet from a malay stall. haha!

My new mouse for only RM10. Yes, I've only got a mouse yesterday. I have survive using my laptop without a mouse for one and a half semester.

And the last one . . . .

LeeHom's new MV.
王力宏 張靓穎 另一個天堂 官方完整版MV

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Horrible Weather

A minute it was so hot, even if you have an umbrella with you, you still can feel that the sun is burning your skin. And later on it rain so heavily that lasted not long. Yesterday it was so hot, so I hang my clothes outside. Suddenly it rained so heavily that i ran to get my clothes. By the time I reach my room and sit down the rain stop! *&@#%$#!!!!

Nothing could be worst than the shocking news I received on Valentines Day. Nah, nobody proposed to me or what. Very sad shocking news. I wanted to blog on that very day but I still hope that it wasn't true or maybe its just a rumour. A friend of my sister passed away, she is also my friend's sister.

Tears rolled down as I read my sister's blog. That made me realise I should really appreciate with my life and the people around me. I know that everyone know this but I have never really do it and had been complaining a lot. Sometimes i get angry easily over small little stuffs or get moody when things doesn't go as how I want it to be.

However, sometimes I can't seem to control my temper. Living with different people who do things with their way which I don't really like makes me throw my temper. I guess I have to take it slowly as everyone has their own unique way.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy V-Day!

Valentines day.....

That's not the point of my post. Oh anyway, since Valentine's Day is coming really soon. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Whether you are celebrating or not.

It will be a busy weekend for me starting from tomorrow. Not because of Valentine's but a whole load of assignments and 47 tutorial questions, Monday will be my mid sem exam for calculus, evaluation for speech communication group discussion and economics quiz. Fuh!

However, my girlfriends and I planned to celebrate Valentines outside, maybe a dinner or something. Haha! It was just a plan. Maybe we'll end up sitting at Amin's cafe eating nasi goreng.

I planned to go home next weekend if there's no obstacle. Really missed home and have proper food. And my house, the floor, the TV, the toilet, the wall, the washing machine, my WangLeeHom collection, and the shopping complex. I've have not contacted my mum yet, so it is not confirmed. If I were to go home, I'm so sorry Ai Yun and Pey Yein. Can't hang out with you guys on Friday. But if i didn't go home, I'll go out with you,k?

Lots of events will be going on next month. Probably going home again on the first weekend. We'll be celebrating the success of PAP Amin on the second weekend ( a steamboat party! woohoooo!! ) Third weekend will be Amin's Anual Dinner (ABADI) at Dectar. And finally the forth weekend will be our PR's dinner at Equatorial, Bangi.

And for the month of April, it will be a study month for the finals exam and then it will be final exams and that's the end of the semester. YAY!!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The days after the holiday

As usual, I am stuck here in the jungle. I am going to stuck here for a long long time as I had no more holidays until the end of the semester. My friends and I were looking forward to the miserable 2-day public holidays. First, will be this coming Monday which is the Thaipusam and the other on the 9th of March. Assignments are pilling up as tall as the Twin Towers.

As usual university student can't get over with the number of assignments, they keep complaining ( of course including me ) but always wait till last minute to complete them. Well, I was looking for information over the internet and I got bored of it and started blogging or do something else like Facebook or Friendster.

Plus all the bloody activities which seem never ending. It is going to go on and on till the end of the semester. And with 25 unit (credit hour) this semester my timetable is as pack as ever. Oh anyway I still find time to go out for a walk (or shopping). Brilliant, eh?

Going back to my work now while enjoying some mandarin oranges. XD