Saturday, March 28, 2009

The best memory

It has been a week since our last "musical". LOL! Ah! Missing those moments a lot!! Missing the everyday practices till 2am, the tiredness, the lack of sleep and of course the fun! Everybody get together to do something. I have not have that feeling ever since I left the band which is about 4 years ago. Although on that very day some of us did mistakes including me but I feel that it is a success. All of us were so happy but sad at the same time because this is the first and also the last time we are doing this together. I really cherish those moments we had. I shall stop emo-ing and show you some pictures. Well there are also quite a lot of pictures this time. Hehe!

While waiting for the rehearsals

The guys looking tired at back stage while waiting for the rehearsal to start.

At the rehearsal. Gosh! My panda eyes!

Make up time!

Wai Yew and I

Pileh and I at backstage

Jack and I

Jia Hui and I

Lee Nak and I

Daphne and I. Both of us love this picture.

Su Hui and I

Lee Nak and I again plus Jayson's fingers

Hua hua and I

My make up artist, Chiew Peng and I. Hehe!

My roommate and I

My dance partner and I. Haha!

The guys! Did you feel yourself have gone back in time?

The pretty ladies

Love ya all!

Coming soon!

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Will update very soon on

The 70's dance

And the PR night

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Steamboat again!

Went for steamboat again on the 14th of March. At the same place. This time about 40 people went! Woooohooo!! With all my com-mates. We booked a bus there! Just for the sake of having a steamboat. It is also for the celebration of our college's successful PAP. Let the pictures do the talking. Behold that it is going to be a long post with many pictures. Let me tell you, this is about only 30% of the pictures took that day! Wahahahahaha!

From the engineering fac

The only Chemistry student attended on that day.

From the Social Science fac.

From the Economic and Business fac

From the Physics department

The only microbiology student

From the Informative Science and Technology fac

And the Mathematics department!


The girls

The guys

Nice picture!