Thursday, May 28, 2009


Makan trip had to be postponed...

I've been growing lots of mushroom so that my grandma can use them for "bak chang". Lol! BaoShunn doesn't want to go movie with me today coz she said she want to grow mushrooms. Sigh!

I am looking for stuffs to blog but it seems there's nothing funny or interesting to blog. It's just that life had been a bit depressing at home. I get sorta angry and irritated easily at home.

Ugh! Depression. I. Am. Going. To. Cut. My. Wrist. Lol! Scary, huh? I was flipping through some old seventeen magazines (yes, I know but I'm so fucking bored, k) and they have an article about cutting your wrist or hand, whatever. Now that article is depressing and disturbing. Very disturbing.

Gah! Boring. Anyway, going shopping with darling later.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More fungus

New phone strap. Love the checks and the colour

I don't plan to grow fungus here, so here I am!

I've been having flu for the past few days. O_O swine flu!! That's what bshunn's reaction. And today I had a bad cough.

Last week I bought Gossip Girl DVD season one. Yeah, I know i know. Been a bit outdated. And guess what? I'm in love with Chace Crawford!!

He is so good looking.. *drool* * drool*

Oh ya, I will be working next month at Linda's place again but will take off on the 6th till 10th of June coz I'm going to kl with my sis(es). Wheeeee~~ Shi Yea is the best shopping partner. LoL! Not that she shops but she'll follow you wherever you want to go. hahahaha! And give opinion on clothes and shoes. wahahahahahaha! But of course I will accompany her to her otaku shops; anime and mangas. But I know she don't really like shopping with me. hahaha! Coz I'll never get tired of it.

I actually plan to grow more fungus and mushrooms these coming few days at home. But well, we'll see.

Still growing fungus

And now mushrooms too!

Been in and out of the house not more than 2km? Mp n Dp is about 2km. I think less than that. Went to dp on last week's Tuesday with darling (and supposely CP also but budak itu tido sampai pukul empat petang), either wednesday or Thursday with aunt and cousin and then dp again on Friday with mum then meet up friends at Old Town, then Saturday with mum again. Gosh! Like I'm working there. And then on Monday, went to school, crap a bit with the teachers, went dp and mp, had lunch, then to old town for tea break with Pey Yein and Ai Yun. Crap a lot there. Was home whole of Tuesday and Wednesday was out with bshunn. Updated a lot from her. From her friends till love life. LoL!! Bought a purple and black check phone strap! wakakaka! Will post the picture of the strap soon!

I have a feeling that this blog will grow fungus too. I'm trying my best to update more often.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Growing Fungus

Another birthday! Ain't the cake beautiful? It's yummy too!

It's Pey Yein's birthday! Belated birthday celebration.

Mr Cp join us later. But didn't take a picture with him. Lol! And we had another guest, Daniel but he is not in da picture coz he was the photographer.

And yes. I am growing fungus. I've been sleeping. Watching TV and online. And sleep. Didn't want to go out because the weather is so hot. Anyway, going to school tomorrow to collect my cert and going to have lunch with friends. Till then. Bye!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time to say goodbye

My last night here in K5C 307. I am happy that I could go home! But deep down there's a little weird sad feeling. It's been a year. A year with my bed, my desk here, my really big cupboard. Well, actually I didn't intend to reveal these pictures due to the messiness. Ah! Since its the last day, I think it's alright.haha!

Some random pictures took this semester.

Speech Communication class aka "Drama" class.

My first year coursemates. I think we won't be together that often next semester. Love ya all!!

End this post with some random picture took long time ago.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Disturbing disturbing disturbing

Sis recommended me to watch Detroit Metal City Movie. Overall was not bad but I find it disturbing at first. There are quite a few funny parts and I love Kenichi Matsuyama even more!! Kyaaaaa!! He is awesome. I mean he can act any character! In case some of you do not know who is he, he is the good looking L from Death Note!

Watch the trailer!

If you think you like this watch it at

Ah! LeeHom's fans is probably enjoying themselves at his concert. *sad* It is bad enough that I didn't go to his concert and my dear beloved friends kept reminding me that it is his concert today. Wuwuwuwuwu! Anyway, I can't do anything, so just forget about it.

I have one more paper to go and I'm really really dread. Most of my friends finished their exam. Sigh!