Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009


It's my birthday!

I've received a lot of birthday messages. SMS, phone calls and on facebook.

About two weeks back, Geok May send me a birthday card all the way from Japan! And on my birthday night, she called me to wish me happy birthday.

So, that night I went for dinner with Li Chia and Ai Yun at Coconut House in Heeren Street. We ordered a pizza and two spaggheti.

Ai Yun's chocolate blended or something like that.

My hot honey lemon. Refreshing!

Li Chia's coconut shake

The spaghetti and pizza. Forgot their names. Anyway, its yummy!

And then we headed to Friends Cafe to wait for the others. Then I spotted WangLeeHom on the wall.

Yun yun playing darling's camera.

Pey Yein and I

Wai Ming is back all the way from London just to celebrate my birthday. Haha! No la. She is back for her summer holidays.

Darling and I

Jein and I

Yun and Yun

Darling baked me my birthday cake. Mwahahahahaha!

We celebrate Wai Ming's birthday too! She's a born a week later than me.

Skin Food hand balm from Wai Ming.

And each of us got a "I love London" shirt as souvinier plus an Eiffel Tower keychain.

Wallet from the rest.

Music Man shirt from BaoShunn, BaoJun and sis

And this from BaoShunn.

A keychain from Linda

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poison mushroom

I had food poisoning. Therefore, I am growing poison mushroom. Too much poison in me. Vomitted twice yesterday, diarrhea a few times. So sick and hungry.

Mum called today. She told me when she was watching the news, she saw the little words below ( you know those little words of news moving at the bottom) read UKM student found dead at the hostel's carpark. O.O I got a shock!! So when I came home I asked my sis to google. And this is what we found. Read this.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Pair of Legs

New Blog Template!

I think LeeHom's picture will be temporary unless I can't find a good pic. The current one is too long. Haha!

Anyway, I love legs.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I had nothing to blog

I can't seem to find something to blog except my boring working life. Humans are never satisfied. When I am in uni I wished for holidays and when it is the holidays I am so bored. So I decided to work and when I am at work, work is so boring, I hate it and I wanna go home. And at this point, I wished I didn't work and enjoy the holidays.

The thing is, there are no customers, I am all alone here, nobody to talk to. And I had a bad breath coz I did not talk. Lol!

Dear Friends,

Let's hang out again! When's my makan trip?

Something has gone wrong with my blogskin. So this is temporary till I find a good one.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The 100th post

Woooohoooo!! I got a day off today and I went to watch 17 again (At last!) with sis and her friends.

Yes. I hang out with kids. Lol!

The movie is nice and of course not to forget the good looking zac efron. Wakakaka! You should watch it!

I'll be off to KL on Saturday, so I guess I'll update when I get back. Toodles!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I grow fungus at work

Yes. I. Am. Working.

And the thing is I still grow fungus there. Even worse. Shitake mushrooms. Button mushrooms. White fungus, "Wood Ear Fungus", Whatever fungus you can think of, I am selling them.

The thing is I have nobody to talk to at work for 4 hours except for customers. There's nobody next door not even the kiosk. Not a single thing. All I do is to stare at blank space or look at those little kids hanging out ( It's the school holidays ) and their dressing. Fuh! And I feel like I'm in Form One. Kids nowadays trying to look like an auntie. And because of that people thought I'm still in secondary school.

Oh well, I got a little bored that I went searching for good looking guys picture. Wahahahaha!

I used to like Vanness a lot! Haha! But he has long hair now. Bleh!

I used to hate Joe Cheng a lot! Haha! But he looks cute now especially in Honey and Clover.

Good Looking Dennis Oh! Even my aunty likes him. Lol!

Danson Tang and Mike He, my all time favourite.

Last but not least, me love!

And I came across forums in crunchyroll where they talk about celebrities, Asian celebrities. And some of them were really funny. Haha!

Wakakakakaka! I guess now you know how much fungus I am growing.