Sunday, July 26, 2009


Went to mid valley yesterday to have lunch with mom and dad. Mid valley's delicious restaurant. Very nice place.

Didn't manage to try the cakes. They look so good!

Bird cages as decorations

Salt and pepper

My hot honey lemon!

Mom's ginger beer

Dad's mineral water

My english fish and chips. Didn't manage to take a picture of mum and dad's food. I forgot! Was too hungry and concentrating on my fish! Lol!

Ah, anyway, the food wasn't that delicious after all.

I am very not satisfied with the KTM komuter. First of all, it is always pack with people. The people who take the komuter are very selfish! Of course excluding me. The pole in the train is for people to hold not for you to hug! Yesterday I took the komuter home, there's this damn malay lady hug and lean at the pole. Not like she is pole dancing or what. And I end up have nowhere to hold. And more the touch n go scanner sucks too! I need to keep scanning and scanning to get through and in the end it deducted more than RM10 or maybe RM15! My journey is only a few stations. *End*

I bought one tree hill season 6 and I just realise I haven't watch season 5. Anyway, it is still an awesome show after all. I bought it from pasar malam and of course its pirated but it comes with a box. The man tried to fool me by telling me its original. I'm not that stupid k. Gawd sake. I'm like the expert for pirated dvd's. I can see whether the sticker is real. And it has the CW channel logo in the show. But I still buy it coz it's cheap but slightly more expensive compare to those who sell pirated dvds which do not pretend to be real. Anyway, it's quite difficult to find english series nowadays so I guess the price is ok.

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's been a long long time

I did not realise that I had not been updating my blog for more than a week.

I was into depression for the past 2 weeks. I'm having bloody saturday classes. That is not what I planned. Damn it. I want to go home on Fridays. Gawd!

Anyway, Went to the band's concert last last weekend and went for Harry Potter last weekend.

It's awesome!!! People who reads the books says that the movie is bad. But I still think its good. Of course, we can't expect that the movie to be exactly the same as the book but oh well, they did missed out some quite important parts. I still love Harry Potter movies! Even my 9 year old sister says its good although I know that she don't really understand the story. Lol! I love little Tom Riddle! He is so cute! Lol! The older version of Tom Riddle is girly. I imagined him to be really good looking you know.

-Pudding makes me happy-

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sleepy sleepy

I almost fell asleep in class today. I have not been sleeping well. Can you imagine? Lau Shi Yun, the person who sleeps like a pig where ever and whenener, can't sleep well. Yeah, I have a new room. I don't like coz I'm all alone here and I think everybody knows coz I've been complaining a lot. Me sad sad. Oh anyway, the lecture hall was way too comfortable. It has very comfy cushion seat, like the ones in the cinema and its so cold in there. I'm so dread coming back to here and going to class. It seems like this sem is not what i have been expected. I expect no bloody class on a saturday anymore and fuck, there is. Sad! Life is not a bed of roses whenever I'm here. I hope I can still find something enjoying for me this semester.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can't wait for Harry Potter!

The movie is going to be out soon! I've been waiting since last year! At last!! It is going to be superb this time!