Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The connection sucks terribly and the workers or whoever of Jaring are stupid. Nothing works but only blogger and that take years to load. And back to Jaring, I've send an email complaining that the speed sucks. They ask me to do ping and tracert test using command prompt with 3 different times. Fine. I did. Copied the whole screen paste it to Word. Unfortunately, they are stupid enough that they couldn't see it and asked me to attach it to a doc or pdf file. WTF! I copied to a DOC file and attached it in my email. So I replied back that I've attached a doc file and I attached it again. The last email they reply me stated that they are still waiting for the ping and tracert results! BODOH! BAKA! I don't know what went wrong and fine I bear with the f*cking connection and now it gets worse!! Can't they just do something about it. Go test themselves lar. Haijoooo!!! I'm done complaining and I'm going to bed.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Its killing me!

The fact that this show is airing only once a week is killing me! And my laptop is killing me too. It lags so badly that it could stay there and not move for half an hour. I'm dying killed by two murderers.

Okay, back to the show. It is so unfortunate that it airs only once a week. I should have come to know this show when it is finish airing. Vanness is super cute in the show. And I love his hair. Haha! How can we resist a guy with good hair and good body. *drools*

OMG! I sounded like a crazy fangirl.

And my trip to Korea is confirm. Already bought the airtickets and room bookings. We are backpacking! I really cant imagine myself backpacking in Korea. The thing is I can't speak Korean and korean can't speak English. That make things difficult. And I really didn't think that I would be going to Korea again after 3 years. Well, the last time I went I wa son tour, sponsored by one of my relatives. I really love Korea but this time I don't really have a great feeling about it. And thinking of spending so much and not enjoying it, is such a waste. Well I guess I shouldn't think so much and try to enjoy as much as possible.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm loving him again

and his new show! Typical but nice.

Exam is starting tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

I want to live my own life

I always can't make decisions. That is my main problem. Therefore, I tend to agree or give in whatever people's decision. I am use to say ok to whatever people say or decide. I hate to offend people, therefore I always give in whatever they want to do even if I don't like it. But I feel that I've learn to voice out my unhappiness of something. Not all the time, or most of the time but once or twice. For me, it is a great progress as I don't usually voice them out. However, this doesn't change things. Things get worse if I get more opinions. I can't decide! How I wish I could do whatever I want to do without taking care of other people's needs and feelings. But life doesn't give me such things. What I can do is to continue hesitating and still in the state of making decisions. Till someone decide for me.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ending of the semester again

Finals is around the corner, which means the semester is going to end. WTH! Its like a blink of eye. Let's see what I have done for this semester.

Several times of shopping.

Forgot to order rice for 3 weeks already.

Did lots of dancing.

Busy with Abroad Programme. I am going to Korea instead of London. Sob. Anyway, not too bad la.

Spend a lot a lot of money.

Go to Kajang to have good food whenever I am not happy.

Went to support my college's basketball team.

Had a freaking scary dance test. Panic!

Broke my record for sleeping at 6am. Usually the latest will be 3am.

Broke record too for dancing till 3am.

Had my room all by myself.

Went home the most numbers of times compare to the last two semester.

Tougher and heavier subjects.

Skip the most class compare to previous semesters.

At last manage to go to Genting with friends.

Blog lesser too.

Having the most terrible hair fall ever.

Hopes to keep myself as busy as ever.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I am really bad at multitasking. I can't do two or more things at once. When I am concentrating on something even watching the television I can't hear what people are talking to me. I have a bundle of task to do and I refuse to complete them and wondering what I should do. Great, just great.

Hua hua gave me a LeeHom mouse pad. *drools*

LeeHom's Music Man concert wasn't that great. I was expecting more.

I shook hands with Victor, Ping Guan just now.

I had a free can of fruit tree blackcurrant with aloe vera drink today.

Ants are attacking my table. I must be smelling sweet.

It feels like I am twittering right now.