Monday, February 22, 2010

Seoul Part One

At last I sorted out all the pictures. There's about 5 thousand pictures? Gosh. So here it is.

We landed at Incheon Airport at about 6pm or 7pm or whatever. We hung around as we do not know what to do. Lol! We were trying to get information on how to get to our guest house that we'd book. There were taxi drivers trying to drive us there but we were new to the place that we do not dare to take a taxi. You know we don't trust other people easily. So we went to the information counter and the pretty lady told us to take the airport bus as it is cheaper perhaps. And then again we had a lot of luggage to we were still considering but the lady told us not to worry as the driver will help us with our luggage. Indeed, the driver helped us with our oh-so-heavy luggage. The airport bus is really good there will be announce for each stop and the next stop like in the train. And so we get off the stop we are suppose get off like duh~ And we got lost. Its damn freaking cold that night, I can tell you I feel like my nose is coming off. And so we walk not knowing where to go and there is this kind old man at the "Visitors guide" booth at a buliding walk us there. And tada! We reach Banana Backpackers! I booked 2 family rooms but they gave us the whole Banana House. Awesome! It was comfy, simple and nice. You guys should really stay there if you are looking for a budget hotel. You can visit their website here.

Please ignore the messiness. We have 3 rooms for the six of us. Wheee~~

* * * * *

The next day, we went to the Malaysian Embassy to report ourselves, in case there's an emergency we can contact them.

At the Embassy with Mr Hassan.

He recommend us to Pizza School for some pizza. I can tell you, its damn yummy! I couldn't find such yummy pizza in Malaysia.

Its a tiny "hut". Only two little tables.

And its time for some shopping at MyeongDong. Awesome place to get all the skin care you want. Any korean brand you name it, they have it there.

Ah~ With Mr Hyung Joon.

At night

* * * * *

The third day! Palace and Museum Day. As usual all palace or museums are boring. So nothing much to talk about.

There's Hanbok exhibition too. Pretty pretty.

Its so cute!!

At some fashion street or something like that.



* * * * *

Fourth Day. Palace Day Again.

BUKCHON Hanok Village

Lunch at Hans Deli. Cheap and yummy!

At Insadong. Its a culture street. It rained when we reached there so we ended up indoors eating ice-cream.

And then we head back to "home" for some rest and go out again at 11pm to DongDaeMun's night market. Loads of stuffs to see! and buy! But I didn't buy much. They sell at a cheaper price compare to the day market.

Supper before shopping!

Tired and sleepy while waiting for the subway to open at 6am.

* * * * *

Woke up at 1pm next day and headed for lunch!

And then to see the AN JELLS! Wooots! They are shooting for the last episode. How awesome is that! For those who don't know who are the AN JELLS, click here for info.

Our new friend from Canada and US, fans of AN JELLS too!

So here's the thing, we weren't allowed to go in as we aren't the fan club members who already got a place or a number or something online. But we pretended that we don't know, cut the queue, pissed off some korean fans but a cute korean dude help us to get in there. Such a nice guy! Heeee...

Hwang Tae Kyung!

Honestly, you can't imagine the number of fans were there. Its damn crazy! The hall is small, an ocean of fans, you can hardly breathe in there. I couldn't take it long as I'm suffocating and the shooting was going on and on and on, so I gave up waiting for Kang Shin Woo to appear again I went outside to wait.

While waiting I bought the PIG RABBIT! Its for my sis. Both sistas. I bought it for 20,000 won which is about RM 60 and its selling online for RM100plus and wasn't even release when I bought it. Lucky me!

And so end of part one. The next day we headed to Woosong University. Read about my post at Woosong University if you haven't here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

I've posted about my days at Woosong University. Just scroll down and you'll see it. I'll blog about my backpacking days in Korea soon!

Enjoy the New Year!

My New Love

Jung Yong Hwa aka Kang Shin Woo from You're Beautiful

Friday, February 12, 2010

Best ReMIX Ever!!!!

My 4 day visit at Woosong University, Korea

Arrival Day

My room is 105. Lol! The pictures are still in the camera. So I just took my friends picture to be uploaded here.

Our hostel room. Ain't it just pretty. and clean too!

The bathroom. The doors are transparent. =.= And you can see your friend bathing next door.

Place to wash your clothes and water dispenser.

Our dinner that night. We ate 3 cuisine. First was green noodles with oysters and the barbeque PORK and lastly was this fried rice. YUMS!!

With Mr Lee and Mr Edward Spraggins. Thanks to them our visit was awesome!

The Next DAY and the next DAY and the next DAY.

We have such pretty to pick us and bring us around the campus. Felt like royalty. Lol!

We had traditional drums lesson!

Tour around the international business school.
I just love the indoor basketball court!


We were having Korean Language class. I can't help it but sleep everytime I have class even in Korea. Lol!

My SON SENG NIM (teacher)

Lunch at a VIP room!

Cooking class!

We learn to make this

Dinner with the Vice President

And then we head to Karaoke

Yu Sun and Eun Yeong, exchange students in UKM last semester. Can't believe that we will meet them again

Farewell Dinner

Took the bullet train back to Seoul