Monday, April 26, 2010


This is a short post on Seoul. On this day, we spent most of the time shopping. So there weren't any much pictures!

Outside of Deosukgong Palace you can try on hanbok (Korean Traditional Costume) for free! And you can take pictures with cute cute mascots there!

Cute guy who help us on our costume. heeee...

Dinner at Itaewon's McD. There isn't any much difference between the McD in Korea and Malaysia.

Shopping at MyeongDong again. Its a stage with Christmas decorations outside a shopping mall.

UN-delicious corn. Taste like rubber.

One more paper to go till the exam finish. So lazy right now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

N Seoul Tower Namsan (Seoul part 2.1)

Here comes the long waited post. Lol! Omg, this is like almost half a year ago. Sigh. Okay, so our journey continues after we left the university, we headed back to Seoul and check into Namsan Guest House. We booked a room for the 6 of us earlier and we find that it was too small to fit the 6 of us, therefore we add more money to get another room. The rooms are really tiny and it is not as comfortable as the previous guest house that we stay. However, the last 2 nights we manage to get a VIP room which is much bigger. Location of Namsan Guesthouse was good as it is located near the shopping area MyeongDong and therefore we shopped at MyeongDong every night. Haha! If you are at Namsan, of course you have to visit Namsan Park. Its a park where most people jog and have a walk. We went all the way up the hill to visit N Seoul Tower, very much like KL Tower though. Well the best part is that they have a Bear Museum at the tower, how awesome is that!

On our way to the park, can't help it but to get a hot cup of drink. The weather is cold.

We passed by some sort of animation or cartoon museum and there were few anime character dolls? statue or whatever you call them. And this one is a Gundam?

The Koreans love to stroll at the park. And dogs too!! The owner is so kind that he offered me to carry him to take a picture.

Lovely old couple lead us the way to the tower as we got lost. Hehe!

We walk till the sky is dark. But its just like 5pm?

Yay! And we reached the tower after climbing so many stairs. Its at the top of the hill.

At the Teddy Bear Museum

The bears are just so cute!

And the end of the museum you can actually play with this. You can take a picture with the bears. Just take note at the screen. But of course you have to pay if you want it to be printed.

Bears from the drama Goong aka Palace. Used to be my favourite show!

And then we went up to the tower to take a look at the scenery. That's Seoul!

Christmas tree by Teflon, the pan. Lol!

Most couples go dating here. Those are locks where they lock each other there. And there's alot alot alot of locks! Its kinda romantic there too.

Will post more on Seoul when I have time. Hope you enjoy this.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How can you resist such good looking guy

I'm having the WangLeeHom fever again. Lol.

I have not seen him for a long long time except this afternoon in his movie Little Big Soldier which I find not really interesting. Lol! Yeah, its suppose to be a comedy and make u laugh but instead I "sweat" most of the times. Lol! Sweat(ening) movie. Who cares if you just watch it because of WangLeeHom and also other reasons like you have nothing to do. Ah, well I'm still having my exams though.

I just chat with a stranger who uses my friend's account on msn because that dude (my friend) did not sign out his msn in CC. I did not got angry tho coz I was looking for some entertainment so there is this stranger entertaining me.

Korean exam tomorrow!

저는 한국어 공부를 좋아합니다!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I love my sista!!

And the pig rabbit!

Yeah, that's my sista. She's pretending to be Tae Kyung. For those of you who don't know what's pig rabbit and TaeKyung is all about, they are from You're Beautiful, a korean drama series. Hmm.. I'm not sure if I have mention this before. Btw, I bought the pig rabbit from Korea. I know I've been promising you guys about blogging Seoul Part 2 and since its taking so long. I plan to split them into really short posts. So I will blog bout Seoul Part 2.1 tomorrow, I hope.

And back to my sista, she makes me laugh all the time. She make me laugh even on msn with her oh so dramatic words and making things seem so serious. haha! and she said my friend is dramatic when I told her some stories. Haha!


Anyway, last week, we had steamboat! Homecooked one! Haha! And we did it again on Wednesday. But these pictures were last week ones.

Damn delicious!


I'm currently addicted to this series though I had only watch till episode 8 and its damn nice lor I tell you. Can't wait to get more episodes from my friends.


I cooked green bean soup today! Wheee~~ It's yummy ok~ No pictures tho.

I'm going back to Gossip Girl-ing.