Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nose Bleed

You'll get nose bleed watching this.

I admire Nichkhun so much! 좋아요!!After watching an interview of him, I admire him even more and inspire me too. If you are determine to do something and you work really hard for it, you can definately achieve it. There are quite many dreams that I wish to achieve but I don't seem to be motivated and the thought of not achieving it is always in my mind. Maybe that's called lazy.

I am enjoying my holidays right although its all about on the internet, sleep 12 hours a day, little short outings, I guess this is the life I want during the holidays. Although I owe mum tones of money, I wish I could go holiday with friends, I want to get a new phone but I just don't have the drive to work. So I shall say goodbye to those stuffs except paying my debts. Still I'm wishing money can just fall from the sky. Call me a pig, super duper lazy girl or whatever I wanna spend my holidays like that. Come on its the holidays. Haha!

Anyway, when it comes to the semester which means studying days, I like to make myself as busy as ever even if there is not enough sleep, I really enjoy those activities that I joined. So I will be looking for some new stuffs to do this coming semester. Whee~

I've been really into korean music and song nowadays and korean tv show, We got Married. I'm obssesed, addicted, totally addicted.

JoKwon and Gain is the cutest couple ever!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I found my new love

So cute ne!

I had watch this several times and I wont get bored of it.

Nice song by 2AM. Listen!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm a Loner


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sending off

Its been about half a month since Jeong Hwa oppa left. Never heard of him since then. Wonder how is he doing right now. I guess he must be feeling happy back to be home after a few not-so-enjoyable months in UKM. I don't think he will read this but I haven't even thank him for the korean language lessons and also my homework-saver. So, Thank You! Haha! Hopefully, you are doing well now.

*credits to line line for the photos*

Monday, May 10, 2010


Jung Yong Hwa and SeoYeon were paired! The Sweet Potato Couple! Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I'm addicted to it now!

At first, I was like who is SeoYeon, all I know that she is from SNSD. After watching WGM, she is so cute! And J.Yong Hwa is so funny! ahahaha! Okay, I'm getting insane~ Its just so sweet watching them.

It's the hols now. And I'm so so so so lazy. I don't even wanna work although I'm desperate for money. I'm so broke now and I owe my mum money. Please kill me for being so lazy.

BTW, any jobs for me? Part time, perhaps.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Final Post On Seoul

The last few days we spend most of the time sight seeing as we were kinda broke due to too much shopping. Haha. But we did still shop some stuffs that needed to be brought home. Hehe.

At the Korea House where they display traditional Korea House. Nice place.

At the Korea House you can try on Hanbok too. There you can choose the Hanbok that you like. Its just 1000 won which is about RM3. Totally worth it.

On the way to Hangang Park. Boring. Nothing there.

We found playground on the way there. We played like kids.

Somewhere in the park. The brigde supposely to have fountain and lights. AH! Somehow its not available that day.

Next day~
We are outside the National Museum Of Korea. I guess it is newly open. The scenery there is beautiful where you can take lots and lots of pictures. We did went in to the musuem, its super duper big but its boring.

And the we had lunch? dinner? I can't remember.

This is Cheongyeocheom stream. I think wrong spelling. Its a romantic place for couples to go dating. Its really romantic!! There is musical fountain which is sooooooooo awesome! Unlike the one in Melaka. But they have time schedule for the special musical fountain. Must place to go for couples.

Isn't it pretty?


Ice cream!

That's our final night. We went back quite late. The owner of the guest house treat us beer as farewell together with some angmoh guests. Had lots of mix feelings that night. We were super duper tired for trip, hoping to go home and sleep a lot but at the same time, missed the place and the people. We were treated well by people there who helped us a lot when we were lost, when we had troubles ordering food. The menu is in korean. Friendly foreigners too! Once we met a China waiter working part time at a restaurant and he was so happy when he heard us speaking Mandarin. Makes him feel like home? Haha! We were glad too as we had no troubles of getting and asking him what we need.

Our oh so messy room, packing stuffs

Dams sleepy the next morning, I guess we slept like only 3 or 4 hours. Flight is at 9am and we depart from the guesthouse at 6am. The cab that we booked came early, left the keys at the receptionist counter coz the receptionist is still sleeping. Haha. And we left them some postcards from Malaysia. And that's Incheon airport.

Transit at Hong Kong airport. While waiting, had nothing to do. haha!

Malaysia damn hot la!