Saturday, June 5, 2010

My ONE week in KL

Sunday : Left Melaka about 5pm, arrive in KL 8.45pm. Bodo. It took me more than 3 hours because of the stupid jam. Had dinner, watch tv, then sleep.

Monday : Brunch at McD, to the salon, KLCC (damn poor so didn't buy anything. oh actually I did. Seventeen mag, toothbrush and concealer), head home, dinner, watch tv, facebook, youtube, sleep.

Tuesday : Brunch at Old Town Times Square, then to Sg Wang, Pavilion, had tea there, stuck in Pavilion a while because of the rain, head to dad's office, head home, pasar malam, dinner, watch tv, facebook, youtube, sleep.

Wednesday : Watch tv, lunch, watch tv, youtube alot, watch tv, dinner, watch tv, youtube, sleep.

Thursday : Watch tv, hungry, buy brunch, watch tv, youtube, watch tv, hungry, go find food but only found bread, eat bread, watch tv, dinner, watch tv, youtube, sleep.

Friday: Pavilion again, Old Town again (no choice, the food court there so crowded coz its lunch hour. I'm poor so only can eat cheap stuff) Couldn't resist the temptation of buying stuffs, I'm really a shopaholic and so I bought a hairband from Forever21, the only thing I can afford. Lol!, then to GSC, watch Robin Hood (I know I outdate. At first wanted to watch Killers but left only front seats and Robin Hood sucks, I yawned a thousand of times, not kan cheong one. The Prince of Persia is a hundred thousand times better ), head to dad's office, head home, dinner, facebook, youtube, watch tv, sleep.

Saturday : Mid Valley with mum, lunch with cousins, shop shop shop, mum bought me Body Shop conditioner coz I say I like it. Saw another hairband but mum stop me from buying. But end up I bought a blouse. hehe! Had some Ice Kacang and kuih. Suffocate in stupid KTM which is pack like sardins, home, dinner, youtube and BLOG WHICH IS RIGHT NOW!

Back to Melaka tomorrow!