Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I missed it!

I should have applied exchange programme in Woosong University for 6 months! Damn! Somebody else got it WITH scholarship. Sigh~ Anyway, its my final year and it seems a bit too late. Unless I continue to take MBA. It seems chances of taking MBA is higher now but I want to do it overseas if there's an opportunity. If not I might take korean language lessons in Korea for a year although I have no information on this yet. Probably I'll search it out in the internet someday. I always hate semester 1 of every year coz its all about studying and assignments. Boring! Ah! Anyway, WangLeeHom's new album is good! New movie also good! haha!

Till then~

Monday, August 9, 2010

Its the fifth week of the semester

And what do I gain?

1. Weekly report to be done every week of course

2. Not to mention tons of assignment in hand and more coming up.

3. Projects and a about 10 page essay of some German philosophy dude who is so great in the 1600. FML

4. Cooking my own meals (which doesn't taste good coz I only have a rice cooker to do all the cooking. So you can imagine its either steam or boil) or just eating bread just to save money.

5. And end up somebody curi minum my HL milk in the fridge. No more milk for breakfast. FML

6. The internet is so bad that I can't load Youtube which means no more We Got Married. FML

7. Mid sem exam coming up.

But there are things that I enjoy too

1. I have two crazy dude friends that make me laugh a lot.

2. Go shopping in TESCO.

3. Watch movie at Alamanda.

4. Korean class.

5. Dinner outings and pork.

And now I'm looking forward to home probably this weekend and this...