Monday, September 20, 2010

I have Chuseok holiday too!

Apparently only korean class is cancel.

Chuseok (추석) is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Like many other harvest festivals, it is held around the Autumn Equinox. As a celebration of the good harvest, Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food such as songpyeon. Songpyeon is a traditional Korean food made from glutinous rice. It is a variation of tteok, consisting of small rice cakes traditionally eaten during the autumn festival, Chuseok. They have become a popular symbol of traditional Korean culture. Songpyeon are half-moon-shaped rice cakes that contain different kinds of sweet or semi-sweet fillings, such as sesame seeds and honey, sweet red bean paste, and chestnut paste steamed over a layer of pine needles, which gives them the fragrant smell of fresh pine trees. They used to be made into various shapes with the participation of family members and were often exchanged between neighbors.

-from Wikipedia-

Picture of Songpyeon.

Somehow, Chuseok celebrates on the same day as our Mooncake festival. The difference is we don't have 3 days holiday, not even one day and we eat mooncake. Well, the meaning is different though. Chuseok is kinda sepcial to me because there are Chuseok special tv programmes. Wheeee! Like We Got Married (Chuseok Horror Special) and they have this Chuseok special Idol Sports Day or something. I don't know whether the Sports Day is already aired but I saw a lot of fancam pictures and videos. Interesting! And also because of Chuseok one year ago, we get to watch JoKwon and Gain couple! See although I'm not celebrating Chuseok but I enjoy myself alot. Haha!

WGM Chuseok special

Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm feeling so guilty for not doing any of my assignments and studying. FML. All I did was watching Hello Baby, a bunch of ShiNee's nonsense video clips, Mischievous Kiss, We Got Married, and spend a lot of money on shopping, crap so much with friends and sleep like a damn fat huge lazy pig. Urrghhh!

Key, my new boyfriend ♥

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

OMG! I've abandon this post in the draft for super long time. It was my Singapore trip during my semester break which is about 3 months ago? Hehe.

Day 1

Breakfast at some hawker center.

Then we head to Sentosa Island. The plan was Universal Studio!

But the tickets was sold out for the day. So we had no choice but to buy the tickets for a few days later.

We hang out around the island and outside Universal Studio then to lunch at Hard Rock Cafe!


And then dessert at some dessert house. haha!

Day 2

Japanese Buffet for brunch! Yummy!!

And then it was shopping shopping shopping till night.

Day 3

At Orchard Road where you can see these cute people holding some advertisement board.

Lunch at some cute and cozy restaurant. Can't remember its name. So long ago la.

Guess what's this?

Its the Singapore Flyer. Whee~

The Casino at Marina Sands

Day 4

Universal Studio Day!!!

At Hollywood and New York theme place

Egypt theme. The mummy rollercoaster is awesome! Its indoor. And dark. And scary

Jurassic Park

Restaurant at New York

Far far away where Shrek stays

At Madagascar

Sorry for the limited pictures. It was too many to upload. Everything is nice in Universal Studio except the weather. The weather is so hot that I could melt and it got worse when it starts to drizzle and then the sun came out again.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Final Year Com Night

Amin Com Night was held 27 August. Its my final year and also my final com night of my life in Kolej Aminuddin Baki. I can't say I enjoy alot. Honestly it was quite boring. Things change alot, when I look back to my first year com night, it was different.

We practically been together almost 24/7. Attended all the same lectures and classes since first year. We were together since the first day of orientation. I guess we just won't get tired of each other.

My favourite buddy where we share the same interest with Kpop and celebrities, fashion and makeup.

Ah Phong who has been our driver of the sem. He likes to pretend to be cool which fail badly. He together with Jayson always get on our nerves. But we like to hang out with them.

Kolej Amin has the prettiest girls, honestly!! Keke.

Some random junior. Lol!

Com King of the year. Wheee~

School of Mathematical Sciences students of Amin com. They are very fun people to hang out with. Most of the time they are my groupmates for projects and assignments coz the are smart and hardworking. Good for me coz I'm stupid and lazy.

Final year students!

Best Gatherings

I enjoy to the most this holiday. I went shopping three days straight while I was in KL.
Tuesday: Times Square and Sg Wang. Bought a blouse (RM20), a pair of shorts (RM25), a bag (RM25) and a pretty jacket (RM39.90) All so cheap!

Wednesday: Pavilion. Those rings at Forever 21 and Diva are so cute!! Sis stop me from buying coz mom might kill me. And spotted a pair of cool hip hop shoes at Echo Park! The thing is that they cost bout RM260. T.T. I bought an eyelash curler and eyelash glue from SASA. I got my fake eyelash from pasar malam (only RM1) and when I try them on they are too ugly. Will get a nicer pair one soon.

Thursday: Book Fair at KLCC. Bought some very cute stickers and a bunch of pens and cute notebook. Damn cheap lar. Sis spend like almost a hundred bucks on books and CDs and DVDs and magazines too! With all kpop artist in it!

Friday: Back to Melaka and stay home. I heard outside is so jammed and crowded. These people like to flood Melaka during the holidays. Just hate it. Leave me and my little hometown please!!!

Saturday: Gathering with Band-mates!!!! I am so happy to meet them all. We talk and talk and talk and recall back those days while we were in the band. And also update each other with our current lives.

Photos credits to Miko. Taken and edited by her.

Sunday: I just sleep at home coz its still crowded outside.

Monday: Great outing with Miaw Jyi, Bao Shunn and Lay Chen. I didn't meet up with Miaw Jyi since the day I left IJC which is about 5 years ago. Really miss those days when we always hang out together in school.

Tuesday: Which is tomorrow! Probably Step Up 3. Most of my friends went to watch without me. Damn! Even my sis and my aunt already watch. wth!