Sunday, October 31, 2010

You wouldn't answer my calls

I'm dedicating this to those who didn't answer my calls. Lol!

Uwaaaaaaaa! Saddest song ever! Sobs. This song is really good, really good.

I fell into my own world.

Today the internet connection sucks so badly that I cant surf the net. I am so sleepy right now but I refuse to sleep. I didn't have anymore dramas to watch, I didn't want to study, I didn't want to do anything but to stick my fingers on the laptop. Yeah, and so I opened back some of the history conversations I had with my friends on MSN. And then I realise that I haven't chat with most of them for almost a year. I don't mean anyone in particular so please don't get offended what I'm about to say. Maybe because I was so busy last year. Starting middle of last year, I was preparing on my programme to overseas, I didn't had much time coz I spent most of my time dealing with proposals and reports, meeting with my lecturer every week, dealing with all the application whether through online to the university abroad and also my application within my university. And that probably I didn't have the time just to chit chat with some random person. After my trip to Korea, I was busy with my first dance performance at a very important concert. During that time I hanged out most of the time with the dancers, whether it is with dance practices or outings. That was the busiest semester ever. So one year just passed by and now about this semester. Half of this semester I hanged out a lot with my own gang, usually bout just five of us. We hang out almost everyday for dinner, karaoke, night sight seeing. After the Hari Raya break my friend had to return his car, so we had no car and there were no more outings. The second half of the semester I fell into the Kpop world and SHINee and all about HK dramas. During this period, I find myself have no interest in chatting with anyone except one of my friend here because we attend all the same classes, so we have something in common to talk about. And also my sister coz she share the same interest with me in Kpop. And the rest, I don't feel like talking to them anymore. Sometimes, with darling just to update some news and happenings. Then, I start to realise I do not have much friends anymore that I can talk to. I don't mean talking as in talking bout problems but just a common chit chat on my everyday lives and probably gossips. Having the room all by myself in a block which is quite faraway from my friends, I tend to get to use with the life of not talking. So as day goes by, I don't really like to talk anymore. I guess the main reason this is happening is that I don't sign in my MSN anymore. Lol! Only once in a while. Because its annoying with the nudge thingy and I just don't feel like talking.

Friday, October 29, 2010

JongHyun is dating ShinSeKyung

This news hit me onto the ground with a BIG anchor falling from the sky. Okay I don't know what I'm talking about. JongHyun of SHINee has a girlfriend!!! It has been announced, confirmed, pictures taken so clear, and something smells fishy. And they are only like what? 20? This young couple had sure did made the world go crazy with their news. It was the top news in Kpop quite a few days. Korean fans had gone a little too far by bashing this girl like hell. Until the point she had to close her minihompy.Probably some fans are crying like mad as if their boyfriend just dumped them. This is not joking man, I heard some of the fans cried. Some said that it was a plot that SMent created to boost publicity? I dont care as long as I still get to watch SHINee! Fweeee~

Oh btw its Ginny dear's birthday today! Happy Birthday! Muah!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Leopard Print

Leopard print is in the trend now. Everything is leopard print. Even SHINee is wearing leopard print. I thought it is only for girls but guys look good in leopard print too. I shall get myself some leopard prints too! Leggings and the jacket above. The colour and the print matches so nice together. Oh btw, I'm still in love with Key! Lol! He's just so cute!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I think I'm in Love

With Key! aka KiBum from Shinee! I used to hate the name Kim KiBum coz most of the KiBum I know damn ugly. haha! No offence to KiBum fans. I used to hate Shinee too! But now I'm a big fan! OMG OMG!
First impression: UGLY
Second impression: What's with that ugly mushroom head. (It was Key's head)
Third impression: Ring Ding Dong sound like indian song
Conclusion: Ugly and songs not nice at all.

Then one day, my sister became a big fan of Shinee. And I was like stop watching them la, so ugly. And she starts babbling bout Lucifer (their new song), so awesome and stuff like that. Honestly I was annoyed. And she watches Hello Baby starring Shinee again and again.

And now I'm addicted to Shinee because of Hello Baby. I watched Hello Baby during the holidays and was totally in love with it. And I like Key!!! And his mushroom head too! I like him more and more and more and now I'm so obsessed. haha!

So I started watching their videos and their dance are really good! Especially Taemin! He is an awesome dancer!!! I still like Key tho. keke!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lunch of the Day

Rice with egg and korean seaweed >.<

Cute Hello Kitty Lollipop, a gift from Daorae's boss.

My ankle still swollen =(

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Key ~ ♥

Watch this~!! I demand you to this right now!! Super cute!!

I sprained my ankle and this time its serious. FML!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I've experience the longest 10 seconds ever

Seriously, anything can happen any second.

I went supporting my college's basketball team these two days! Yesterday was the girls team and today the guys team. Girls team didn't get into the semi finals but we were still happy as the guys team got silver today!

I wasn't dreading and sleepy this morning and was wondering if I should go watch. I spend half an hour deciding if I should get my heads off the bed and head to the court. Honestly I think I will regret if I chose to continue to sleep. I watch the awesomest basketball match today in my entire life.

Though almost the same thing happen last year to the guys team but this time we are the winning team. During the semi finals match, our team win the opponent team by 1 point, at the last 20 seconds the opponent team scored 2 points. FML! My heart almost drop out and this is what happened last year. It was so damn sad!! BUT our team scored a 2 point at the last 8 seconds!!! Damn awesome!! That was soooo cool! And I just realise guys who manage to shoot the baskets are so good looking! Haha!

During the finals, the opponent team was too strong. They have the height and skills. Honestly, they are really good except one of their team mate, No 7. Lol! He cheats, play rough and wants to fight. Yeah, he almost want to fight with our team in the court but manage to control themselves and was also stop by the referee. In the end, the referee could not take it and kick him out of the court! Yay! Though he commits only 1 foul (usually you are kick out of the court when you commit FIVE fouls). The referee uncle was so damn cool! Most of them said that this was the first time they see such a thing in their basketball lifes in the univesity. Later that No 7 dude posted on fb that he wanted to hit the referee. He doesn't even know why he was kicked out! Shame on you! But now his fb profile is private, so I can't see anymore of his nonsense wall post. I guess too many people print screen his profile and upload on their fb pages.

I've go darker like 2 to 3 tones although I carry an umbrella. Super damn tired now but I really enjoyed a lot!