Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Dancers

I am so impress with their dance. How come I don't see that energy now?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love Me Hate Me

I'm going to babble about SHINee. Yeah~ You might love me for it or hate me. But I don't care.

This is how my room currently looks like. Full of SHINee!! The Lau sisters are now big fans of SHINee. What I'm about to say will offend some people. Don't say I didn't warn you. The day I fell into the Kpop World I find Taiwan entertainment sucks big time. SHINee was in Taiwan few weeks back, so they were on a few of the Taiwan entertainment programmes. Of course I watched those programmes coz SHINee is on it and I find them (the programmes) so embarassing. Yeah, Taiwan hosts are making a fool of themselves. They are probably trying to make the show funny but err I just feel so embarassed watching them. Not all hosts are good. And I also find Chinese (which includes Taiwan, Malaysia, bla bla bla as long as they sing in Chinese) music entertainment boring. Not as interesting as Kpop and I also find them has no quality. Too many Chinese singers I guess. And only some of those singers are good like WangLeeHom of course. Oh btw, Key stole my heart so I'm leaving LeeHom after being his greatest fan for about 5 years. Me myself cant believe this is happening either coz I never left him although in between this 5 years I still drool over other celebrities.
Yay!! I think I've offended many people today. So I shall end this with a happy picture of SHINee.

Oh oh oh I'm now a fan of Daorae too!! Between July till November I went 4 times!! Twice in Puchong and twice in Melaka. Therefore, I'm poor now.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Events

Random pizza delivery day. Few months back. Lol!

Random Birthday. Haha. Okay, its not random. Its Jayson's Birthday. And Yue Ting's too.
Our idea to put student ID number on the cake. Cute right?

Birthday Boy


Random outing on the last day of exam
Desperately want to have some good food. Guess where were we?

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley!! The food is really good! Definately will go there again.

In another 45 minutes its going to be darling's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Darling!!!
BTW, I'm madly in love with Key

Friday, November 12, 2010

I hate thinking for the title of my blogpost

I just want to post random stuffs. But blogpost title is the one that attracts reader. Therefore, I always think of nice titles but end up the title doesn't really attract anyone or actually they are not nice at all. Yeah, so..

Exams are over! Yay! And suddenly I feel that I have nothing to do. I have my internship to apply but not now. I hate doing all this stupid stuff. I found scholarship that I can apply to Korea for Master Degree. As awesome as it sounds,

Number 1
Its in Korea.

Number 2
The scholarship includes one year of Korean Language learning in Korea.

Number 3
I can have lots and lots of money. Everything is included.

I'm not telling you where you can apply in case you people compete with me for the application. =p So if you are interested, find out yourself. Hmph! The application is not open yet so I have not apply. But I think I can start preparing for the essay if I have the mood. But currently, I don't want to care for anything yet. I'm still searching for the perfect pattern leggings. I saw some at Mid Valley today and there are so many to choose. Its quite pricey, therefore I want to choose the perfect one.

Oh btw, if you guys know any company looking for interns, please inform me!!!! Please please please. Thank You!!!! Good Night!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Update Coz I'm Bored and Lazy

우와!!!! Its already 십일월!!!! November!! I hate the fact that this year 이천십년 is going to end soon!!! And I was like WTFHAVEIDONETHISYEAR!! This year passed like super duper fast. Final year project aka kajian ilmiah aka thesis is coming right soon, in fact I actually can already start looking for some URGHIHATESOMUCHWTFARETHEYTALKINGABOUTMATHTHEORIES topics that I wish to do. Yeah, and I'm trying to avoid, taking every possible chance not to know anything or when I should start. I want to enjoy the holiday first. 그래서 방학에 쇼핑하고 싶어요. Okay, I don't know what else to say. 안녕!!