Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As much as I love those days

I'm am learning to love my life right now. I've been talking and rambling how great it was those days. Well, I think I moved on. LOL wtf. Though I don't have as much friends as I used to have to hang out recently but I have a few which I can talk to, a few as in two of them. Lol. People I used to hang out disappeared, either that or they became weird. Is life so stressful? Yes life is stressful, so do something about it than getting depressed everyday. Grrrr..

But well I'm contented to have just a few good friends. We have quality time together talking about each other and things that happened around us. Though I still meet and getting to know new people at work. So yeah, still getting to talk more at work. Don't know why I cant seem to bring myself to talk at work. Friends from uni wouldnt believe me that I am actually quiet. Yes, I am naturally quiet.

But I do keep myself really busy on weekends with all kinds like hanging out with friends, wahh talk as if I have a lot friends lor.

Dance camp in Melaka. Looks fun right? Yes its damn fun lor. Minus some stupid stuff which happened that weekend. I basically had like only 3 hours of sleep for that two days. =.=

My team during the camp. :D

All of us :DDD

The girls :DDDDD

Some random outing with friends in Melaka. And yes I go back quite often.

A farewell dinner with my Korean teacher. She is leaving us. SOBS. Going to have a new teacher. Kinda excited about it, perhaps a hot korean guy ? Keke.

Napbas this week. Gonna be really busy. Wheeeee~

HyunSeung and Hyuna's Troublemaker. Kinda like the song though, as for the MV its errrr confusing. Oh well but both are hot so its nice overall.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I didnt have much confidence in myself, while I was a kid and even now. I couldnt take much criticism. Yes, I suck. But over the years during my uni life New Tune has trained me to increase my confidence and also taking the worse criticism I've ever gotten in my life. Back then when I join New Tune's dance class, I just wanted to spend some time having fun and also to lose weight. Never did I know I was given the chance to perform on stage. But well it wasnt easy. The practice was terrible and I wasnt performing well. We had a test every week where we dance solo in front of all the seniors. Imagine the HORROR! And guess what the worse part is we were given marks and comments in front of everyone else on our performance. And the seniors are really straight forward, if you suck they are going to just comment straight to your face. It was hard for me to take it at first, confidence level go down right into the deepest ocean. haha.

It was part of the training, so that you wont be afraid and feel confident on the performance day.

Because of all these I was most confident on the performance day. And of course all the hard work and midnight practices. (You dont leave the practice until its 3 am)

I would say being trained to be on good on stage has helped me a lot in my confidence. A great performance is all about the confidence you. You'll have to be confident in order for other people to see your confidence.

Because of all these training I perform better not only on stage but I was able to do presentations in front of many people (although I am very nervous at times) and looked confident and more outspoken.

Honestly after all these training for 2 years, I still suck in dancing but who cares I'm misswhatever. haha. Its all the confidence which makes me a better person. Anyway, I'm joining the juniors for a dance camp this weekend! YAY! Gonna lose some fats. haha.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Towards a happy life

Growing up I was really confuse of my own religion. My whole life I thought I was a Buddhist because everytime when I fill up the form the school or any other forms we usually fill in as "Buddha". So about two years back I got to know from a uni mate of mine that I'm actually a Taoist. O.O We were attending a compulsory subject call TITAS (Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia) which basically most of it covers about Islam and some other religions. I didnt know Taoism is a religion and myself is a Taoist until then. *bimbo moment* So the first thing after that I approached my sister telling her that we are actually not Buddhist but Taoist! And she said she knew it already a year earlier than me. Till today I'm still quite confuse because my family go to both Buddhist and Taoist temples. Well the question is does it really matter?

I was at a event last few weeks at the Kechara House Buddhist Association. It was the first in the country pastor ordination ceremony for the Buddhist community. I wasnt really expecting much from this event as I thought okay its going to be some religious ceremony like the ones I've attended before but I was wrong.

He is Rinphoche.

He is a great monk. He blogs. He speaks excellent English. (Better than me) And I was inspired by him. Before the ceremony of the ordination begins, there was some talk from Rinphoche himself. One of the things he said which I totally agree with is all religions are good. His talk was good. Really good and things which he said sometimes makes me ponder of myself and my life. His speech was focus on how to live a happy life. Afterall in life isnt that the most important of all?

And no wonder so many people attended this event.

So what is the purpose of this pastor ordination ceremony?

" This ordination of lay Buddhist pastors is a truly significant moment for Buddhists throughout this region – it allows the pastors to maintain their external commitments of family and work while at the same time, engage in a meaningful spiritual practice and be of tremendous, lifelong benefit to the community. "

Riphoche and the four pastors

So no matter what religion you are its all about living a happy life.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


As you people know or people who know me that I am a shopaholic. I spend and spend and spend and spend and never feel guilty about it at all. I love everything I bought. EVERYTHING!

So yeah, ever since I got my first job I never stop spending. That's really bad. Every month I say to myself I should start keeping track of my expenses by writing it down somewhere but till now its nowhere. Its been hardly 3 months I started working and I bought a lot of stuff. My new Blackberry to clothes to make up to more clothes to expensive earrings to skin specialist bill (which pretty much cost me a dress from TOPSHOP) to the salon to the language school to the expensive presents for my friends to food and more food and more food and more food and then to clothes to shoes to skin care products, OMG the list wont stop. My salary was definitely not enough to cover my expenses so I had to dig out my savings to clear my credit card bill monthly. FML.

Yup. Its sucks but I still wont stop spending. hahaha. Going shopping tomorrow! Yay!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, the title says it all. I cant believe that I am officially leaving the university for good. It seems like yesterday where we were all crying that we are leaving 5 months ago. Its been 5 months and I am still not use to it. I still miss those days every single day and couldn't let go. We were too close with each other too close that I'm finding it really hard to adapt to a new place. This 5 months is all about adapting a new place. Adapting for 3 months at my internship company and now adapting to my new company. Its has been one and a half months in my new company and I am still adapting.

Update: Okay I wrote that few weeks ago when I'm emo.

So let's start this blog post with pictures!

I'm revealing my parents to the public first time in my life. LOL.

My juniors! Thanks for coming and the present!

She's the one I bullied for 3 years since day one of university till the last day. Missed her so much!! When are you coming back to let me bully?

My roommate during first year. But we still call each other roommate till now.


My schoolmates since Standard One till Form Five.

Some random photographer/ driver. XD

The boss.

The Andy.

The Vincent.

The love ones.

Thank you so much to those who came!! <3 <3 <3

That was the UKM graduation. I had a MMU graduation too!

Pffttt.. I just pinjam the robe ny. LOL.

Darling's convo. Congratulations! yay!

Aiyun and I were the personal florist of the day.

That is all! I'm going to find time blogging now even though I'm busy because I really love blogging. Okay. Those were just some random rambles. Till then! =D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Are You GUYS!!

I hate it for not updating for this long. But everytime I wanted to do an update, I'm just feeling too tired to do any blogpost or just not in the mood.

Great OUTING these two days. It was great hanging out with all my besties, all of us including Su Hui who came all the way back here from Singapore. I was really busy during the weekday but at last hanging out during the long weekend. Here's a preview of our outing. Lol.


But for today I'm going to blog on the outing few weeks back. LOL.

Guess where were we? Hehe. (Please ignore the very low quality pictures)

Trader's Hotel Sky Bar! Wootss! Nice place just to chill out.

Was feeling tipsy that night. =.=

Okay. That's all. Too lazy already to talk more about it except for the awesome tequila shots. Lol.


Current favourite song! Watch it!! XD


Robe collection day! Come to my convo on the 26th September, Monday 12 pm! Don't need to buy me anything, just come!

I don't know why my blog post today feels weird. LOL.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Its been long I know

At last I can sit down and blog. Its been like sho sho long.

First of all I'm so excited to tell you I FINISHED MY INTERNSHIP IN you know where. So on my last day we had a sorta farewell lunch and took some pictures. So here it is..

Oh btw they are all the interns too. It has been nice knowing you guys. Happy working!!

So after the internship which ends last Wednesday. Its been a week already. OMG. But I have been busy for the week until today. I went for an interview, settling some things in campus, hanging out with friends and classes. Fuh~ So I'm going to take some rest for the week, back to Melaka for the weekend before I'm starting work for real. Curious where I'm going to work? Make a guess! But some of you already know. So I guess I'll update about my new job after next week. Or maybe later.

Oh well here's a picture of us during an outing with the princess during his birthday.

Check out SHINee's Japan Juliette. The first time I saw the teaser and the music video, what caught my attention is not how good looking they are, but the pig head, the girl with the racket and the guy/ girl in helmet. OMGWTFBBQ. Those are the background people, they are wearing so light colours and blends into video set and you are not suppose to realise their existence but wtf they caught my attention everytime I watch it and just ignore the existence of the SHINee members. For the previous videos, I replay the video few times just to see each of the members but this time I replay just to see the stupid pig head and the girl with the racket. Its a masquerade ball for God's sake why are you jumping around with a tennis racket. I bet everyone who watches the video for the first time saw the pig head. For those who watch NIKITA, it is the same pig head it its first episode. WTF. ITS A SCARY PIG HEAD but its in SHINee so-colourful-song. Oh and and WHY IS IT ME KEY WEARS A SARONG IN THE END! lol.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The most simple birthday post.

Celebration with my childhood friends. Dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Birthday cake cutting at River Cafe.

Lunch with my parents at KLCC Taiwan Restaurant.

Outing with my awesome friends. Movie at Pavilion and dinner at Nando's.

THANKS GUYS! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I guess this year I had the most celebration after primary school? LOL.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh Yes!

Its going to be the end of my internship! I stil remember the day I dread to work and I still dread! Less than ONE MORE FUCKING MONTH TO GO!! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Okay, I'm being a little too overwhelmed. However, its time to look for a job. A job where I can meet a lot of good looking guys. Hehe. Kidding. I have no really any particular specific job I am looking for. All I want is my job to be fun and get to meet lots of people! It should be in town. Salary should not be a big factor. So guys and girls and whoever has some job you think I will like, please please please inform me!

So heres some pictures of me and my office! (Only the table)

Okay now go watch Hyuna.