Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its the Key fever

I just wanna hug him. >.<

I want those cute earmuffs too! But I cant use it in Malaysia. so wtf.

Behold of the super long post

Uwaaaa! Super long time didn't do a proper blogpost. Okay, so few weeks back, I hung out with Ginny in KL. She stayed over at my place and we go shopping.

While waiting for the LRT to go to Pavilion for a movie. We watched The Tourist. Not bad. Angelina Jolie is sexy and Johnny Depp is funny. So yeah.

Beautiful CNY deco in Pavilion

Lunch in TGIF. Yums!! My Caesar Salad.

Ginny's Chicken and Cheese. Super yums!

Mini Oreo Mint. Super super yums!

Then we shop shop shop. I bought a pair of heels. Wanna see? Visit me during CNY or invite me over to your house! Lol!

So the next day, we went all the way to 1 Utama coz she wanted to get her bus tickets there and also her Jay Chou concert tickets from her friend.

Lunch at New York Deli. YUMMY!

Mushroom Cappucino soup? Something like that. YUM!

Chocolate with Marshmallow. O.O

My Turkey Sandwich. Super yummy I tell you.

Hawaian Chicken. Okay, I'm hungry now.

So that's the end of our shopping weekend. Didn't shop much in 1U coz I was kinda tired.

The following weekend, I went shopping again! Yes, this time with two princesses and Suhui. There was no plan buying anything that day, I just wanted to hang out with them but I end up buying 1 dress, 1 tshirt and 1 rompers. fml.

Pretty deco in Times Square.

Then, the next day, movie day again. This time the movie Great Day.

I've got to admit, I cried an ocean. *shy*

Supper in McD.

The following weekend, Ginny brought me to try spicy soup and super spicy pork in Sg Chua together with Edmund. Super spicy!! But super yums! The we follow Edmund back to bandroom to see their practice.

NTLP 14 is coming. Get your tickets now!!

We met Mr Ony from Woosong University. He came to UKM with another professor for a presentation. Glad to meet him again. Well, now I'm thinking that Solbridge might be an option. Give me scholarship please.

On the same day, UKM's PAP night. The food so so only la.

And that weekend, Amin's PAP night. Simple one with not delicious food. Blek. And we''ve got to wait until like almost 10pm to start our dinner. =( But great performance though by the juniors. *applause*

The following Monday, a reunion dinner with the college-mates+coursemates gang. Steamboat at Tasty Pot, Sunway. Not that fantastic though. I'm going to stop going for steamboat for a long long time.

The we hang out at Jack's house. Beautiful apartment. I want one too!

That's all the super long update. Tomorrow lunch date with sis at Daorae. Wheee!! We are the samgyupsal maniacs. Now you know why I am broke.

Although you see I play like mad during first half of the semester, I got alot work to do also le. My FYP is like FML. So don't think I play all the time la. Just to tell you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A very short update

While I'm still at the library's lab. And the browser sucks coz super damn old. Update just to show you Key's picture coz when I go back to my room, don't even dream of loading a picture with the stupid connection. So yeah, Chinese New Year is coming. I have lots to update actually. Wait till I get home kay. Oh oh btw, Khuntoria couple this week has SHINee! YAY! Got Key also. Going to watch when I get home which is next week. Yay! So baie for now.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Its already more than 30 days

Stupid internet make me take such a long time to complete the challenge.

Favourite movie is Harry Potter and its about magic. Everyone knows Harry Potter right?

Key fascinates me. Just look at that picture. Doesn't he fascinates you? Lol! With the weird outfit and sunglasses, he still can pull it off. I like his diva and ego.

Day 26
Good looking guys attract me. Yeah, I prefer good looking guy friends. Unless I like your personality. Like you're funny, brave, manly or has a good body. Lol! Say me bad or whatever you want. That's my nature, I can't help it.

Ok I'm lazy already. I just want to show you picture of Key. That's the main purpose of this update. Haha.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Am complaining?

Yes! The internet is back being an asshole. I shall do proper blogpost when I have better internet tomorrow or the day after. My chatbox is filled with humans promoting their site. Not blog you know, but some random site selling stuffs. It has now became a trashy chatbox. Damn. I cant even end this post with a picture coz the internet once again I'm going to repeat, it is being an asshole. Jaring charges me money but not giving me good service. So people out there, you know what should you do.