Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Final Gathering

Just a simple gathering. We've been together almost 3 years. You guys are the best human on EARTH.

Can't believe that I've been through so much with you all. Going to miss you guys lots after we graduate.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Celebration

Pre-CNY Reunion dinner at Establishment, Melaka.

Its a new place where you can have yummy food. Environment and service is good.

Its also our dear Rae Lynn and Ai Yun's birthday celebration. Hazelnut cake. Damn yummy! Its from a new bakery Yeast. Everything is new this new year. Even their birthday present is from a new shop in Jonker Street.

Don't you think they look so lovely. Keke.

We all looked lovely.

Day 1 CNY. First stop at Pey Yein's house, then Christopher's house, then Desmond's house, then lastly Darling's house which is the picture below.

Sze Jein! What you do to Cookie la! Anyway, so cute lar.

We always take family potrait at her house.

And then at night, new club (Melaka so many new stuff but still a boring town), Movida. Not bad lar. So tired. Then Mr CP said he was hungry, so we went to McD.

-The End-

This year didn't take much photos.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Attempt of hair curling

I went to perm my hair. Tada!

Okay, I lied. It doesnt even looked permed. I was trying the method that Xiaxue taught to have nice curls. Failed. My hair is just too stubborn. The curls wont even last for 5 minutes.

Second attempt with partially wet hair. Its curlier and lasted longer but only for about 30 minutes. Failed. My hair is really stubborn. Even when I go for rebonding the stylist said that my hair is stubborn. It wont go really straight after rebonding. Therefore everytime my rebonding takes longer time than other people because it has to be straight perm for a few more times.

Wheee~! My room filled with SHINee.

My sis and I went to Daorae for lunch. Just the two of us. We are the Samgyupsal freaks! So super yummy!

Its the rabbit year. Happy Rabbit Year again!

Yes. This post is random.

Bows!! Ribbons!!

I was unpacking my stuff and I realise I have so many bow hair accessories!! Just look at those. I have 3 pairs of bow earrings too! But those are at home. Now let start with each one. The top one on the left is my first bow. Got in from Korea. So super cheap, I think its only 1000won which is only about RM3. Bottom, the blue one, got it from pasar malam. 3 for RM10. Lousy quality. White with polka dots from Dataran Pahlawan, was damn happy when I bought it, price RM9.90. Pink with huge polka dots from Fahrenheit88, price also about RM9.90 or less. I think there was a discount. Lastly, and the latest one! also from Fahrenheit88 the biggest among all and most expensive RM19.90. No discount but super love!

This pouch my darling gave me like 2 years ago? She got it from Bangkok. Guess what's inside?

Tada! My cosmetics. Its like super full but I don't use everything inside. Some are just abandoned. Lol!

My mascaras. From the left, Anna Sui, Majolica Majiorca, Tony Moly and Revlon. Among those 4, I only use 2 of them. But Tony Moly mascara is the best. Bought it from Korea a year ago. You are suppose to change your mascara every 6 months but I didn't coz I cannot find TonyMoly brand here. So I still use it. My aunt gave me the AnnaSui one coz its time to change but its not as nice as TonyMoly ones. So practically I usually only use one. But I didn't want to throw the rest coz I feel its such a waste. But I wont be using them anymore. So yeah, I shall just keep. Lol.

My SkinFood BB cream and Maybelline concealer. Not much comment, I've been using the same BB cream for almost 3 years. It just wont finish. I think its doing bad for my face instead of good. I didn't like this concelear. Its just smudge, I mean it wont stay. I found a better one. RedEarth eye concelear. Mum's using it and its good. Maybe I'm going to get it myself.

One liquid eyeliner and 2 pencil eyeliner. I don't use them anymore. Gel eyeliner is the best. From left, Elianto frosted black eyeliner, Beauty credit black pencil liner, Elianto black pencil liner. Last time I used to buy Elianto stuffs coz I thought it was a Korea brand and its cheap. But then I found out that its not a Korea brand and some of the things is not made from Korea like the pencil liner above. So I stop supporting that brand. Lol! I'm a Korea-freak.

On the left Maybelline gel eyeliner,brown and on the right Nature's Republic gel liner, brown oso. Current favourite liner is the Nature's Republic one. The Maybelline one, my mum bought it and she find it difficult for her to use gel liner, so she gave it to me. I haven try yet but I've seen some good reviews bout it.

From left, EtudeHouse, I got fooled when I bought this. I thought it was 50% off but no its only 20%. So whatever la. I seldom use it also. Next, Majolica Majiorca Honey Pump bla bla bla. How come lipgloss so slow finish one even such small tube. Last is my favourite again, TonyMoly nude lipstick. Why they don't have TonyMoly here! Sobs. Their nail polish is nice too!!! I shall do a nail polish post next time. Lol.

My Revlon Colorstay eye shadow which I don't use anymore coz I dunno how to apply shadow. So yeah, failed. And my Cyber Colours eyelash curler. I think my lashes are a bit too stuborn or maybe the the curlers problem. They just wont curl. Lol.

So that's the end of my make up stuffs. Lol. People say I hiao coz I like to make up and dress up. Yeah, so whatever.

My skin care. I'm such a loyal person. I chose Eucerin coz its for sensitive skin and I have no problem with them so I just stick with it. Coz my eczema is back and this time its on the face also. It really sucks. Sucks 100 times when its on your face. First time in my life its on my face. Anyway, from the left, lotion, cleansing milk for removing make up, toner, moisturiser, and cleanser. Its more expensive than those normal skin care. But of course cheaper than those skin care you get from counter like Clinique, SKII, bla bla bla. But I just feel the moisturiser is kinda expensive. Its very small, I finish it about a month and its about RM60. Broke. But usually I asked mummy to buy for me. Haha!

That's all! Happy Rabbit Year!