Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some pretty photos by Zeon

My make up was super ugly that day. I think I look better without make up than the stupid make up but so not professional makeup artist. Anyway, Ah Fai took many pretty picture of us.


Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm on KoreanPress *show off*

UKM International Language Festival

I'm one of the Korean Traditional Fan Dance dancer.

Check out our piece of news. But it is in Korean.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrating the two hundred and one post with a short one

All these while I didn't know that Anonymous user couldn't comment on my blog post until yesterday one of my friend told me that he couldn't comment. So I went to check the settings and yeah, lol. Now you can! Anybody can comment but please comment nice things lar. haha! This is not meant to be a proper post. I'm currently rushing on my projects, exams and quizes. So yeah, I hate this life. They should stop all the exams during my final semester so that I can spend more time with my friends. *dream* So back to work and bye!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


My final college's annual dinner. First year I was on stage, second year I was an AJK (I was sick that day) and finally I get to rest and enjoy the dinner and take lots and lots of picture in my third year. So photo flood starts right now.

Don't know who made this thing. So ugly.

My favourite stage. I love being on it.

The table only the five of us.

I receive flowers.

I received an award.

OK I lied. Both also not mine. =(

They only look good when they cover their faces. =D

The food sucks.

With our almighty boss.

Before the event ended, we ran away. So boring.

We ran to TAIPEI.

In SS2

Upcoming I guess I will be posting emo posts. It is going to be a tough almost goodbye week for me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Is it really goodbye?

I didn't realise that this day would come. I didn't have any feeling until today when I realise that this might be the last time we are meeting and we wouldn't be seeing each other for a long time. I really love my uni friends alot till that when then thought of seperating and living our own life hurts me so badly that I started crying like mad. I always hate goodbyes where I couldn't help it but to pour an ocean. I just want to tell you guys that, you all are the best. I wouldn't be enjoying my uni life if its without you guys. You have change me, help me, cared for me, play with me, laugh with me, cry with me, emo with me, make fun of each other and live happy lives together. I think I've fallen in love with you guys that I love you all so much till the extend that it hurts so bad to know that we are going to seperate. Ok. I'm done emo. *post*

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Runway of Fantasy

Behold of the awesomeness you are about to see~

We rocked the stage and I'm going to rock you with this post.

Okay okay i'm exaggerating. Just a little about NTLP 14 which is so awesome.

Before D-Day

Rehearsal time is super boring. They were fixing the gadgets. *yawn*

We had nothing to do so we took alot alot of camwhoring pictures.



Kat is my teacher. She is super awesome you know!

Lynn is my super pretty junior.

Edmund is the one who can play any instruments that you can name.

They can't help it but love me.

GUYS!! Thank you so much for the flowers. So happy and touched.

I love you all forever!

After D-Day

In the newspaper! *show off*