Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My room revealed

Been really busy studying and presentation lately. Look at my tired face. Sigh. I have one more paper to go! And so finalization on my project. OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! Was so nervous yesterday with my presentation on my project but I can say that it pretty went well. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Whatever it is as long as I get to graduate.

Been busy with TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) last week. So many words to remember will make you go @.@ I think I did pretty okay but there's one section I did wrong because I'm suppose to choose the wrong answer. Sigh. About 4 questions that section.

So anyway I'm suppose to reveal my room that I've been staying for 2 years. As usual its messy. Please ignore it.

My poor cupboard. FYI I can take off the whole door.

My board has Key on it. Keke. I made my sister pay for that. Haha.

Back to studying. Sigh.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I wish I could take the road not taken

I've been bugging my mum for so long to buy me Laneige products. I bug damn long and she still don't want to get me coz its a bit expensive. And the one day she bought for herself some Laneige products. =.= I was praising their products is good, very good, super good and she went to get some Day and Night cream I think. Not sure what she got but she gave me the free gift set that she got! Wuahahahaha!

Sample of their BB cream.

Very nice to use! I'm going to get my own tube when I work and of course when I finish my current SkinFood tube which take ages. I prolly use it for about 2 years already and still have about half a tube. Sigh.

Mum gave me the renew trial set kit! Damn happy but I haven't tried it yet. Will tell you if its good after I try it ok. Coz my current Eucerin skin care still have a lot.

Getting ready for April Fool's date. Haha. Early in the morning.

Japanese Furiko (Rice sprinkle)

Korean seaweed

My lunch! Rice with Japanese Furiko and Korean seaweed. Lol. I'm so Asian.

My korean translation project. Fuh! Damn difficult. Lecturer gave us a video, I think some of you guys know what show is that, its on KBS World, Screening Humanity. Its a documentary. How nice if I were to assign to translate We Got Married or Hello Baby, I guess it will be much easier and fun.

I've been following the path that has been patch up for me all my life. You go to school, you have to study hard, you have to get good results, go to a good university, study a good course and get a good job. But I go to school, I didn't study hard, didn't get good results, didn't get a good unversity, didn't get a good course and wants to get a good job which pay me a lot so that I can fulfill my dreams. My life has been pretty much like a normal person, go to school, study damn hard to get into the university, no matter what you must get into a public university coz I'm not a good student I wont get sponsored, I'm not rich, my dad prolly need to sell the house if I want to study abroad or in a private university and then I'll be homeless. Great. So life before this I just follow the path, sekadar cukup makan, results just nice, bla bla bla. Sigh. That's so sad.

want to go Korea. I want to go Korea. I want to go Korea. Study there for some short language course, get a job there and get married there. Lol. Ok, prolly not the last part. But at least a few years there, and then I want to go to New York and live there for few years and then decide which country to stay so that I don't need to be stuck in Malaysia for the rest of my life unless I found a rich husband who can afford to give me money to Milan just for Hi-Tea. Ok, this has gone too far. But I can dream right. And I'll continue dreaming until this comes true. Yes, I'm talking randomly, crapping loads. Well, my point is if only I have money, I can take the road not taken.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My three years of university life

Three years ago, the day I step into here seem like yesterday. I was sad the day I came here and I am sad now and will be sad the day I leave here. It was a short 3 years but too many things that had happen.

First week was the orientation, it was a happy week coz I made super many friends. And then the following week I made even more. Lol! Those days I love hanging out at the foyer just to meet people. After that everybody will be busy with Com Night and Fac Night. I still remember at that semester I would wake up damn early just to copy assignments. Lol. I like it when me and my com-mates gather in my room or my friend's room to have dinner and chat like hours.

During my first year, I love the English classes most. It was a small class where the lecturers are nice and fun.

Most memorable during my first year was ABADI. That's when we all gather together to practice a dance till late at night. That was really memorable.

The beginning of my second year was a disaster. I probably exaggerate a little. Lol. I move to a new room alone with my friends oh so faraway. It was damn hard at first but got used to it later. I'm even more lonely now but I came to like it. The circle of friends change at this time. It was really hard too. But then when things goes really bad something good will come. I had a new circle of friends. We enjoyed pretty much together.

There's one day we ran away to Genting. It was nice.

And then second disaster came. Our abroad course stresses me out from the beginning of the sem till the end of the sem. We came through so many difficulties in the middle but it was a good one in the end. Our Korea trip was the best in my life. We got closer during this period, though at one time I almost gave up on the trip I'm glad that I didn't.

After the trip, was our dance performance preparation. The one week camp was the best! We dance together, we eat together, we watch dramas together, we played together, we had pillow talks every other night and we sleep together.

And then hard times came by when we had to practice like MAD! But it was good because at that time I had a bigger circle of friends who we hang out together and there were alot of outings.

After the performance things change again, the circle of friends. It was rather disappointing but I guess this is what we call circle of life where everything come back to square one. And that was the time that I said to myself that we should stick together.

Third year was a simple and fun year. In the beginning nothing much happen except we hang out for dinner almost everweek, we go Tesco every weekend, we go for movies, we gossip with each other, we had supper and outings but it was an awesome semester. But at this time I lost a friend who decided to take another path which I disagree on, she didn't hear my advice and totally change as a person. I was sad, angry and disappointed. I thought it only affects me because I loved her so much but it seems like it affects everyone that cared for her.

And now during my final semester, I can say that it is the best semester ever. I had the most outings, most dinners outside, most movies, most suppers, most shopping, most car rides, visited most places and I hang out with the people I love most of the time. Preparing for the performance wasn't that bad this time, it wasn't that difficult and at the same time I enjoyed more, less pressure and I love the dancers.

And now I had another new circle of friends with additional members of my current friends.

The last few weeks of my uni life is the time I cried the most. Never in my life I can go emo for weeks. Never in my life that I have thought I'm going to miss my friends like mad when they leave. But whatever happens I know I love them all.

And I had to say I'm going to miss you guys the most.