Monday, May 23, 2011


I have an expensive dream. Its still the same dream as I mention before. I failed to get a scholarship because I'm not qualified to even apply it. But I'm not going to give up. I still want to pursue it but I need some time and money. Some time to get money. I wish to get a job which I like unlike the one now. Although my parents didn't really force me into anything but they have an expectation on me. And I really hate that. I wish to do my things my way without trying to meet other people's expectation. I hate it when they discuss things about me of what I should do next. I have my own plan in my mind. Although it seems so hard the path that I've been planning but I hope it's a beautiful world in the end. I'm almost an official graduate but I'm officially on a debt. My study loan. It plays a big obstacle along my path of getting to my dream. If only money drops from the sky the moment I need it. IF ONLY I HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY! So this is my plan. Tell me if it's good or not.

1. Get a job that I like. (Hardest thing)
2. Job with at least RM2,500 (So hard lor)
3. It will be divided into like this.
(i) Save RM1000 for oversea studies
(ii) RM 500 to pay the damn loan (If I pay this much every month, in 4 years time I'll be free from it. Yes!)
(iii) RM 500 food, shopping and entertainment. (As if its enough, definately not enough lor.)
(iv) RM 500 part time study Korean language

This wasnt even my initial plan. It was like this.

(i) Save RM 1500 (coz I figure out that RM1000 is not enough)
(ii) RM 1000 for food, entertainment and shopping, etc etc.

I totally forgotten I'm in debt and Korean language class wasn't in the plan coz I haven't found a language center yet. So one day I got bored at work so I start searching and dang! found one language center in Fahrenheit88 and price is also reasonable. I'll be probably starting the classes soon. Although it's a bit tiring coz I have to attend the night classes as I'm working during the day. But I haven't enquire about the classes yet, will do it this weekend.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


It feels like a century that I didn't blog. The condition of my laptop is getting worse, so I've been use the pc at home. But all the pictures that I wanna blog about is in the laptop. So yeah, when I sort out everything I'll blog with pretty pictures of mine. Plus I didn't have much time because I was settling down with the big change in my life which kinda suck. I hate this life. I wasn't happy and dread going to work every morning. I've got back the same feeling while I was in school and I hated school at that time. Ok. Done complaining before my mood gets worse because Monday blues is starting on a Sunday night. Keep checking my blog for updates. Thank you!