Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Its been long I know

At last I can sit down and blog. Its been like sho sho long.

First of all I'm so excited to tell you I FINISHED MY INTERNSHIP IN you know where. So on my last day we had a sorta farewell lunch and took some pictures. So here it is..

Oh btw they are all the interns too. It has been nice knowing you guys. Happy working!!

So after the internship which ends last Wednesday. Its been a week already. OMG. But I have been busy for the week until today. I went for an interview, settling some things in campus, hanging out with friends and classes. Fuh~ So I'm going to take some rest for the week, back to Melaka for the weekend before I'm starting work for real. Curious where I'm going to work? Make a guess! But some of you already know. So I guess I'll update about my new job after next week. Or maybe later.

Oh well here's a picture of us during an outing with the princess during his birthday.

Check out SHINee's Japan Juliette. The first time I saw the teaser and the music video, what caught my attention is not how good looking they are, but the pig head, the girl with the racket and the guy/ girl in helmet. OMGWTFBBQ. Those are the background people, they are wearing so light colours and blends into video set and you are not suppose to realise their existence but wtf they caught my attention everytime I watch it and just ignore the existence of the SHINee members. For the previous videos, I replay the video few times just to see each of the members but this time I replay just to see the stupid pig head and the girl with the racket. Its a masquerade ball for God's sake why are you jumping around with a tennis racket. I bet everyone who watches the video for the first time saw the pig head. For those who watch NIKITA, it is the same pig head it its first episode. WTF. ITS A SCARY PIG HEAD but its in SHINee so-colourful-song. Oh and and WHY IS IT ME KEY WEARS A SARONG IN THE END! lol.