Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, the title says it all. I cant believe that I am officially leaving the university for good. It seems like yesterday where we were all crying that we are leaving 5 months ago. Its been 5 months and I am still not use to it. I still miss those days every single day and couldn't let go. We were too close with each other too close that I'm finding it really hard to adapt to a new place. This 5 months is all about adapting a new place. Adapting for 3 months at my internship company and now adapting to my new company. Its has been one and a half months in my new company and I am still adapting.

Update: Okay I wrote that few weeks ago when I'm emo.

So let's start this blog post with pictures!

I'm revealing my parents to the public first time in my life. LOL.

My juniors! Thanks for coming and the present!

She's the one I bullied for 3 years since day one of university till the last day. Missed her so much!! When are you coming back to let me bully?

My roommate during first year. But we still call each other roommate till now.


My schoolmates since Standard One till Form Five.

Some random photographer/ driver. XD

The boss.

The Andy.

The Vincent.

The love ones.

Thank you so much to those who came!! <3 <3 <3

That was the UKM graduation. I had a MMU graduation too!

Pffttt.. I just pinjam the robe ny. LOL.

Darling's convo. Congratulations! yay!

Aiyun and I were the personal florist of the day.

That is all! I'm going to find time blogging now even though I'm busy because I really love blogging. Okay. Those were just some random rambles. Till then! =D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Are You GUYS!!

I hate it for not updating for this long. But everytime I wanted to do an update, I'm just feeling too tired to do any blogpost or just not in the mood.

Great OUTING these two days. It was great hanging out with all my besties, all of us including Su Hui who came all the way back here from Singapore. I was really busy during the weekday but at last hanging out during the long weekend. Here's a preview of our outing. Lol.


But for today I'm going to blog on the outing few weeks back. LOL.

Guess where were we? Hehe. (Please ignore the very low quality pictures)

Trader's Hotel Sky Bar! Wootss! Nice place just to chill out.

Was feeling tipsy that night. =.=

Okay. That's all. Too lazy already to talk more about it except for the awesome tequila shots. Lol.


Current favourite song! Watch it!! XD


Robe collection day! Come to my convo on the 26th September, Monday 12 pm! Don't need to buy me anything, just come!

I don't know why my blog post today feels weird. LOL.