Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As much as I love those days

I'm am learning to love my life right now. I've been talking and rambling how great it was those days. Well, I think I moved on. LOL wtf. Though I don't have as much friends as I used to have to hang out recently but I have a few which I can talk to, a few as in two of them. Lol. People I used to hang out disappeared, either that or they became weird. Is life so stressful? Yes life is stressful, so do something about it than getting depressed everyday. Grrrr..

But well I'm contented to have just a few good friends. We have quality time together talking about each other and things that happened around us. Though I still meet and getting to know new people at work. So yeah, still getting to talk more at work. Don't know why I cant seem to bring myself to talk at work. Friends from uni wouldnt believe me that I am actually quiet. Yes, I am naturally quiet.

But I do keep myself really busy on weekends with all kinds like hanging out with friends, wahh talk as if I have a lot friends lor.

Dance camp in Melaka. Looks fun right? Yes its damn fun lor. Minus some stupid stuff which happened that weekend. I basically had like only 3 hours of sleep for that two days. =.=

My team during the camp. :D

All of us :DDD

The girls :DDDDD

Some random outing with friends in Melaka. And yes I go back quite often.

A farewell dinner with my Korean teacher. She is leaving us. SOBS. Going to have a new teacher. Kinda excited about it, perhaps a hot korean guy ? Keke.

Napbas this week. Gonna be really busy. Wheeeee~

HyunSeung and Hyuna's Troublemaker. Kinda like the song though, as for the MV its errrr confusing. Oh well but both are hot so its nice overall.