Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where did 2012 GO?


Its been long since my last post in April! DAMN! Where did May June July Aug go? So! I was feeling to blog today coz my darling is currently in Korea now visiting my favourite city Seoul! It was her first time and she didnt really know where to go and what to do! At that moment I wish I could just buy a ticket hop on the plane and not come back. D:

Seriously I really dont know where did the past few months go! Why time past to fast ever since I started working! I'm in Nuffnang for ONE YEAR already!

So I wanted to go Korea so badly but I didn't have the chance so I attended the Saranghaeyo Korean Festival 2012 organize by KTO (Korean Tourism Organisation) in conjuction of Chuseok or also known as the Mid Autumn Festival here. It was held at Hotel Istana today! Instead of having mooncakes the koreans eat Songpyeon, think I have mentioned before in one of my blog posts long time ago! You can read it here!

Before the event starts officially, participants can try out some korean traditional games like Yutnori.

I've learned how to play Yutnori during my uni days during the International festival but I've completely forgotten how to play now. Spot me in pink Hanbok. :D

Kinda missed my Korean lecturer today, was hoping that I could meet him today at the festival. T__T

So back to the festival today, they have korean experts there to teach you how to play. Spot the cute korean guy! 

And also other games! I dont' what this is called. First time seeing this tho! You are suppose to throw the sticks into the hole thingy. D:

And some Korean food display. Different kinds of kimchi! Yums!

 And Kpop dance performance by this group of dancers for Redmouse Dance Academy. Their dance instructors are from Korea! 

One of the instructors have trained this group called BAP! Watch their video here! New fan here!

First thing came to my mind is I want to join them! Its been really really long since I have danced. About two years! Sigh! I'm probably not flexible anymore and all my fats are stored around my belly. Uggghhh!!

 Been looking for a suitable dance studio and this is like the perfect one. Enquired the details from one of the dancers, fees are reasonable but located in Sunway! Haih! A bit difficult for me to travel there. So sad!

So we were divided into groups, made some songpyeon, played some games, there was Gangnam Style flashmob. Forgot to take pictures! Got too distracted by this guy with pink hair, dressed up like PSY, he was the lead dancer for the flashmob and he was awesome!

Then it was end of the event, I managed to take pictures with two Korean guys! hehehehe. XD

So after the event, I was kinda sad coz I realised I have have not been doing the two things I love: Korean language class and dance class. I had to stopped the language class coz there wasn't enough students in my level, so they had to close the class. Sigh!

What I can do now is to watch korean videos only. :(

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I love Korea first

Before I fell in love with anything else about Korea. Still remember the first trip overseas 7 years ago was Korea, not even Singapore, I chose Korea just because nobody else in my family has been there. Back then popular country where people want to visit was Japan, so I wanted to be special and be opposite of it so I chose Korea. I was 17. Wasnt really excited although it was my first trip overseas probably I was too young to enjoy travelling. So when I reach there, first thing was I love the weather. It was spring, and it was the cherry blossoms season, I felt lucky. I can say I really enjoy my trip that time, probably because the tour guide is kinda cute, I thought he looked like Vanness at that time. hahahaha. So I told myself I want to go back again in 5 years.

In less than 5 years, I went back again. This time was a coincidence that a university accepted my friends and I for a visit for a programme in my university. Once again I wasnt really excited as I thought I could have been to somewhere else this time since I've already been to Korea.

We were accepted for a visit in Woosong University and we had the best experience ever.

All I can say, I didnt regret it at all! It was this trip which change everything in my life. My friends and I, the total 6 of us travelled by ourselves. Before we headed to the university, we were backpacking, go around Seoul by ourselves. None of us could speak the language, and to be honest I was scared.

We were lucky as we met the most kind people on Earth. The Koreans. We've met an old ahjusshi who is willing to walk with us to lead us to the place we were looking for in cold weather at night, kind people who would offer to help us with our heavy luggages go up the stairs at the subway, kind people who tries their best to give us directions when we were lost although they couldnt speak English, kind people who would offer to help us to take pictures, random photographers who randomly took our pictures, ask for our emails so he can send a copy of it to us, kinda ahjumma of a small restaurant who would cook for us even its already 12 midnight, kind people of Namsan Guesthouse who would help us to call for delivery, offer us free beer and soju and great great friends whom we have made during our stay.

The famous Gyeongbokgong where you can learn a lot about the history of Korea

Trying on a Hanbok is a must when you go to Korea. 

Korea House is the place where you can see a lot of traditional Korean houses and Korean traditional life.

At Myeongdong, favourite place for people like me who loves shopping. There are a lot of places for shopping in Korea, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Edae, Sinchon, etc. Hongdae is the place you can find a lot of clubs for those who like partying!

So that is when, I'm sure I will go back there again someday. I started to take up Korean language classes up till today, listen to a lot of Kpop, watch a lot of Korean programme shows, watch Korean dramas, always crave for Korean food, starting to love Kimchi, learn to make kimbap, looking up at Korea universities, watch korean youtube gurus and everything about Korea. Yeah, I'm crazy like that. What more can I say, all these are the reasons I should be selected for Touch Korea Tour. I want to experience everything again! :D

Friday, February 10, 2012

Long weekend in Melaka

Made a new friend! There he is! Meet Ethan!

So cute that I wanna bring him home!

So I had a long weekend in Melaka with my Besties. Its been long we hang out so much in so many days in a row. Looking back I kinda regret that I didnt hang out with them during my uni years. T___T They've been like my friends since forever. (Since primary one the 7 of us, missing one currently in UK)

So it was AiYun's birthday and it was also CNY, so we decided to have a birthday/CNY celebration. Our first dinner at a Chinese restaurant after being friends for more than 15 years.

Yee Sang!


Then we head over to LiChia's house to chill and have some cake.

So the next day, we hang out again. Drove all the way to to Muar to have some otak otak. These people are crazy. Then we head to over to LiChia's house again to play a little game.

And some of them had a swim in the pool at 1am. =.=

And so the next day. We hang out again. Went for a bowling session when everybody witness my "awesome" bowling skils that the pros cant take it and gave me some tips. haha. It was Chap Goh Mei that day, so we head back home for dinner. We ended our last day of CNY chilling, talking about the old times and had some awesome drinks at The Library.

It was a great weekend and it has been long since I had so much fun. Thank you everyone! :D

p/s: Sorry for the lack of updates. I only update when I have the mood and dont seem to have the mood much recently. haha!