Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The People I met in Korea

So when people around me heard that I am going to Korea for the THIRD time, the first thing they said is why are you going there again! Other people couldn't understand why and I myself couldn't understand either. It is just that my brain keeps telling me that I have to go back there. People thought that I love Korea because of Kpop and Kdramas but the truth is Korea made me listen to Kpop, watch Kdramas and learn Korean language. -___- Although I listen to Kpop I don't really know everything about it, I watch Kdramas to improve my Korean but they do have really good dramas. hahahaha. Also I don't watch Running Man. WHY YOU PEOPLE LIKE RUNNING MAN!

Before I hop on the plane last week I was thinking I'll probably wont visit Korea in a long long time after this trip and I probably should visit some other countries the next time. This is because I've been to Seoul twice before this and I've visited most of the places and there isn't much new place for me to visit anymore in Seould unless I go to other cities in Korea. My friend who was with me Su Hui board on the plane that day and the first thing she said to me was we should visit another country next time, maybe Taipei. And I was like yeah I thought so too, maybe we can go to Hong Kong too. But at the end of the trip, she said lets visit Taipei next year and stopover in Korea. Lol.

Did not want to board until the last minute cos busy sending out messages to our friends there that we are leaving. T__T We didn't have time to wait for their reply and we had to leave. sobs.

I wasn't really expecting much from this trip actually, I got excited when I booked the tickets and there wasn't any excitement after that. I contacted my Korean friend Eun Yeong whom I met while I was in Korea back in 2009 for a student exchange programme. We met twice in the university and once in Malaysia when she came here to Malaysia. We didn't talk much after that but I thought it is kind of manner thing to inform her that I'll be in Seoul and I told her if she had time we can meet up. Since she is living in another city which is about 2 hours away from Seoul and she is working, I wasn't expecting that she will make the effort all the way from Daejeon and come to Seoul to meet us. T_T Eun Yeong you are so nice! 

This is Eun Yeong and her boyfriend. 

She told me that she can come to Seoul on Sunday and she asked what my plan was. So I said I want to try rail biking and immediately she went up to look up for information, booked and paid! That morning they took a bus from Daejeon to Seoul and met us up at a subway station in Seoul and then we took a bus to Yang Pyeong for rail biking which is one hour away from Seoul. And they paid for our bus tickets. We had lunch there, and its some kinda rice when translated it is called barley rice. Its some kinda rice mixed with barley and you eat with the banchan? I'm not sure if those are really called banchan but they are a mixture of all sorts of veges. 

And they paid for our lunch. Seriously! Why are they so nice! All I did when she was in Malaysia is that I brought her to the Aquaria in KLCC. Thats it. I didn't even pay for their tickets at that time. I'm so ashamed of myself now. T_T

After lunch we head to rail biking!! It was really fun! For those who watch We Got Married, there is one episode where Julien Kang couple ride on one of those things. 

The weather was really good that day, pretty warm and you can just enjoy the scenery there. Cos about 26,000 won for 4 person which is about RM78.

Waiting for the bus. kekeke.

And then we took the bus back to Seoul and had dinner. This time we insisted that we buy them dinner. And then we headed to Gangnam to meet up with another friend of hers, Yeseul for Makeolli. YUMS! Makeolli is a famous traditional rice wine. We had pancakes and silk worm. You did not read it wrong. It is silk worm.

According to them it is good for health. OH GOD. I didn't want to try it but Su Hui shoved one into my mouth. Its uhmmm crunchy and smells like cockcroach.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this pancake!

Makeolli face. Honestly it is really gooooooddddd!

We chatted a lot that night with the 3 of them, I enjoyed a lot. And then they paid for the drinks and food! O_O!! They never let us pay anything! 

They had to head back to Daejeon that night itself cos they have to work the next day but they missed the last train! Felt super bad cos they had to stay a night at the Jimjilbang which is a bath house. T_T

The next night, Su Hui told me that we were going to meet some friends whom she got to know in Singapore, one of them is Korean and another is a Singaporean who happened to be in Korea at that time. She said that we were going to have just a dinner with them and it turns out these that 2 friends invited a bunch of their friends along. -___-

It was super awkward at first but they were so friendly and kind, they started conversation with us asking about our country and Singapore (my friend currently lives in Singapore) and most of the time we answered that it is very hot here. hahaha. Although there is a little language barrier but thank god they can understand English but they couldn't speak well and I can understand Korean but couldn't speak well. So it was kinda okay and at least we understand each other. lol.

We then headed to have some drinks and Noraebang which is their karaoke.

 Then we went to the club. Unplanned. For the first time in my life I went to a club in a checker shirt and knitted sweater. -___-" We hang out a bit and then my friend and I got tired so we decided to head back to the guesthouse first which was supposed to be nearby or so we thought. Some of them wanted to stay so we left first but the thing is when we stepped out of the club, we didn't know where were we. Great. Now we are lost.

We stood outside the club for a while (lol) and two of the guys (혁제 and 정훈) who we met earlier came to us. They actually left the club much earlier cos they need to catch the last subway home but they missed it. So they met up with one of their friends, 효진 to have supper and somehow they were passing by the club. We told them that we were going back to the guesthouse but we needed to find exit 2 of the subway station and asked for their help. I was just expecting them to direct me but they offered to walk us back together. T_T In the cold. T_T for about 20 minutes. T_T When we reached the subway station and I told them we can walk back ourselves cos the guesthouse is about 10 minutes away and it was so cold but they insisted to walk with us and said that it is dangerous. T_T

They walked with us till right in front of the guesthouse. T_T Why you guys so nice! Honestly, if it was me I wouldn't be that nice to the people whom I just got to know for like few hours. They said Malaysians are warm and friendly but I think the Koreans are 100 times more nice and friendly. I may not know a lot of Korean people and maybe I am lucky but out of 10 korean people I'm friends with, all 10 is super nice. We talked a bit, took pictures and exchange Kakao Talk contacts (Its a korean version of Whatsapp/Line) and bid goodbye. T_T And then later 효진 Kakao Talk-ed me and said if I have any questions on shopping and cosmectic products, I can ask her anytime.T_T I've only known her for like 30 minutes but it feels like we were friends before.

The day before, Mira Kakao Talk-ed me and asked where will we be hanging out and she would like to join. Mira is one of the people I met on Day 3. Su Hui said that she wanted to go to the Science Museum because Running Man did some shooting there in one of the episodes. -________________-  and again I'm going to ask WHY YOU PEOPLE LIKE RUNNING MAN SO MUCH! So we went to the museum, walked around, it must be really boring for her cos I thought it was boring too haha. But she was so nice, tried to translate for us cos we couldn't really understand all the science stuffs in Korean. T_T

And then later in the evening Yohan joined us after his class. Yohan is Suhui's korean friend whom she met in  Singapore. He had an awesome camera and took a lot of pictures of us that evening.

We went to MyeongDong for some shopping then we headed for dinner. 

Kalguksu. It was so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!! 

It was super cold that night probably -2 degree Celcius and I only had a not-so-thick jacket on. So fucking cold la . T_T So they brought us to this cafe where Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun couple filmed one of the WGM episodes. And this cafe was featured quite a few times on their TV.

They have a wishing tree where you can write your wishes and hang them on the "tree". lols. 

Their drinks are refillable, any drinks! Super awesome! How I wish we have that kinda cafe here then I can sit there for hours ordering only one drink. kekeke.

 And then we went to Cheonggyecheon. Seriously the last time I came here 4 years back it was this cold too! Brrrrrrrr!

 Then we went to one of their largest bookstore, I wanted to buy some Korean children books but then I was a bit paiseh. T_T Oh wells.

And the final day in Korea, Eun Yeong came to meet us again and we went to Lotte World cos I wanted to go. Pictures will do the talking cos everything is so pretty there.

We went for ice skating and obviously I can't skate. -____-

They have quite a lot of fun and interesting rides, if you visit Seoul try to spend a day there! It would be better if you go there on a weekday and when it is not a school holiday cos if not the queue will be super long.

 Dinner on the last night in Seoul T_T

Super yums omg! And they paid for dinner again! T_T 
I *heart* them so much! Why they treat us so nice sobs.

Among all the countries/places I have visited, not that I have visited a lot of places in the world but Korea has given me priceless experience that I did not experience in other places before and every time when I want to leave Korea I felt really sad which doesn't happen to me when I leave other places. I think I love Korea too much. T_T

 I have more to talk about for this trip and also on my shopping spree. Will update again in my next post! 

p/s: Pictures by Yohan, Eun Yeong, Su Hui and myself. lol

pp/s: Took me three nights to complete this post. -_______________-