Sunday, April 7, 2013

Things I did in Korea


I'm really glad that we chose this guesthouse for this trip. This guesthouse is the best compare to the other 2 guesthouses which we've stayed previously. Although the place is small but it is really really really cozy. I slept so well there that I thought I was home.

The living room is really cozy and we spent most of our nights chilling and getting the know other people at the guesthouse.

The place is super clean even the kitchen! You can use everything in the kitchen but just make sure you keep the kitchen clean.

We were served breakfast every morning with toast, bread, cereal, fruits and juices! YUMS! Heather, the manager of the guesthouse comes to prepare them every morning. Both of us make sure we didn't missed the breakfast cos it was super good. 

During my stay I get to know people from Japan, China, US, London, Thailand and Singapore. Some of these people I met are super awesome! There was this Professor from Japan who can speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English fluently! Inho the guy in the picture is a Korean but lives in Japan, so he can speak both Japanese and Korean and he majors is Spanish!!! He can also speak super good English la! These people are so cool but I also can speak a few languages so I blended in well with them ahahahahaha. jk. 


Hongik University

I was about to register as a student there but they are closed for lunch. ehehehehe

Ewha Womans University.

Yup you are right. All the students here are female except for some foreign students if I'm not wrong. 

OMG I tell you they have the nicest campus!

 Yonsei University

I think I looked a student here lor. hahahahah. 

I love this uni too! But it was too cold and we were too tired to explore cos the place is super big.


 I think the Koreans love coffee cos you can find coffee place everywhere. Super nice la!

Coffee place at Apgujeong

And their waffles superrrrrrrrrrrr gooooooooooooooooood! In Seoul, they serve waffles almost everywhere!

At Myeongdong


Super good! ZOMG! They are super crispy and they have different flavours and sauces to go with it. And not too oily! We spent our last two nights eating fried chicken with Inho. kekeke.. Malaysia, why you no fried chicken shops like this! I don't mean KFC.


Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae

6. Fangirl-ing over the guys who were performing at the streets.

7. And last but not least, shopping, shopping, shopping. Sorry no pictures cos we were too busy. XD

Yup. That's about it. We did not go to many tourist attractions cos we've been there our last trip. This trip is mostly about relaxing, shopping, meeting people and hanging out with each other. Cos Suhui is currently working in Singapore and we hardly meet anymore. 

Will definitely be back there again very soon cos I have not shop enough. :p