Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I've reached in Seoul!

So my first day here in Seoul alone. T_T

It felt weird.

I was so tired cos I couldn't sleep the entire night. T_T

So anyway, I reach super early in Seoul. Put my luggage at the guesthouse and hang around myself, first went to my university area and look around. And then try to look at some goshiwons, those I saw looked a bit dodgy. T_T Which I then decided to look for it with Eun Yeong tomorrow at least she can help me a little. *fingers cross*

Then I went to Myeong Dong just to look around but the weather is too hot. Meh. Then I had lunch myself and came back to the guesthouse to shower and sleep. Fell into some deep sleep for about an hour and woke up.

Don't know what to do. And I started questioning myself if this is what I really wanted.

OMG I'm such a baby.

Anyway meeting Eun Yeong tomorrow and hope to get things settled down.