Monday, November 25, 2013

Autumn in Namsan

Can't believed its winter already. Like whut. Where was autumn? Autumn in Korea was just too short. It feels like the leaves just turn yellow today and the next day they are all gone. And the next thing I see is snow. What the.

I have not experienced autumn before so this time I was pretty excited seeing the leaves turn colours and they were all so pretty. Few weeks back Yuko,  Raymond and I went to Namsan Tower to see the red and yellow leaves before they were gone. All pictures taken by Yuko and Raymond.

The pictures turned out really pretty! Looking back at the pictures I really miss autumn. It is freezing cold now how do I survive!! I wish autumn was a little longer. 

*Photos credit to Yuko*

Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Semester

Can't believed it has been 2 months!! I've finished level 3 and now currently in level 4. New classmates and new teachers. Though I missed my class 3B very much, I'm trying to enjoy my new class. 

This is during our completion ceremony, I've got an award which is called 우정상 which literally translates the friendship award which kinda mean most popular friend in class, I don't even know why I'm chosen. I honestly don't think I deserved it. 

But still happy cos I got a free pen and a certificate. :p

With my teachers who treat us more than just students. So far in my life, the teachers I like the most are my Korean teachers, whether the Korean teachers in Malaysia or in Korea. I guess Korean teachers are more friendly. Hoping none of my school teachers are reading this. :x

Friends who no longer in the same class as me now. T_T

All of us during the last day in school which pretty autumn leaves. 

Most of them will be going back to their own countries after this semester which ends next month I'm so sad! T_T

However, I'm really grateful to meet all of them :)

*Photos credits to Raymond*