Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekend in Cheonan

Can't believe my two weeks break is over. Meh. If you ask me what have I done, the answer is nothing except watched Gossip Girl. Lol. 

Well I also visited Eun Yeong at Cheonan last Saturday. Cheonan is a small town located one and half hours from Seoul by train. Took the train there and she picked me up from the station.

 We headed for brunch and then to the Marine Army Museum (?) or something like that where they display things about the Marine Army aka 해병대. 

The expression on this board fascinates me. It says that the Marine Army is so strong that they could even catch a ghost. I remember studying about the Korean Army which is basically divided into a few department (?) and the Marine Army is the strongest (according to my teacher).

These two ships were used during war and they are now museum where they display marine army related stuffs. 

Ya. It was snowing that day. Ugghhh so cold T_T

And then we went to see flowers. Lol.

I'm quite amazed with what my phone's camera can do.

Then we headed for dinner and movie and I went home after that. Thanks for the company Eun Yeong!

School starting tomorrow and it might be my final semester (or not) I can't decide! Can you tell me? T_T

Anyway, have I told you that EXO is so sexy in this video. Kyaaaaaaa!


Bianca said...

Hi, I came across your blog whilst looking for reviews about studying Korean language at Syunkyunkwan University, SLI Building.

How do you find the classes and teachers there? and are you studying in Seoul or Suwon. Also can you describe about the placement test?

I plan to study in Seoul campus in March of this year. I like that their program is 8 weeks for each session compared to other Korean universities that have 10 weeks for one session.

June Lau said...

Hi Bianca,

For me the classes and teachers are good and I enjoyed studying here. I am currently in Seoul campus. However if you are in advanced level I would recommend other universities which offer 10 weeks programme because there are a lot of to study in a short period of time which I don't think is really effective for me. However if you are starting from beginner or intermediate level I think it should be fine. :)

Bianca said...

Hi June,

I'm glad to hear that classes and teachers are good there. I will also be attending HSSC

how is the placement test for sungkyunkwan Korean course, the length of it? Do they just test you on speaking and writing?

Last year I completed level 1 at another university and I completed the placement test before I arrive in Korea. But I heard the placement test for Sungkyunkwan happens in-country.

by the way thanks for the advice about the levels, I'm hoping to be placed in level 2. But I'll keep it in mind when I eventually get up to advanced level.

Your Korean must be very good by now. From look of your blog, you've also done and seen some interesting things (^_^)b

June Lau said...

Hi Bianca,

Yup, the placement test takes place on the first day which is also the orientation day. There are multiple choice questions and also writing and at the same time, a short interview to test on your speaking. All in all takes about 1 hour. If you have the basics already I'm pretty sure you will be placed in level 2.

Hahaha. I haven't really done much actually but I hope you will enjoy the classes here. :)

Bianca said...

Hey June,

Thank you for describing about placement test. I'm nearly about to leave to go to Korea.

Now I'm just trying to find a Gosiwon with a decent sized room with bathroom.

How did you end up finding accommodation?