Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sungkyun Language Institute (SLI)- Sungkyunkwan University- My thoughts

So I am back in Malaysia. So here's an rant which I wrote while I was still in my final semester about the school cos there were a few things which I was disappointed about. Well I was pretty angry at that time so the post turned out to be an angry post. It has been sitting as a draft post for a super long time and was contemplating if I should publish it and my mood today says I should do it so there you go.

I was going to write a full post of the good things about my school until they decided to cancel the completion ceremony without any formal notice. On my final semester. Great.

When I first picked this school I was nervous and worried, there weren't any reviews, good or bad on the internet. Nobody talked about this school anywhere on the internet unlike other high ranking schools like Yonsei University, Korea University or Seoul National University but in fact my university is actually also one of the top universities in Korea.

One of the reasons which I think why SLI is not as well known as other language institutes in other universities is that its a pretty small institute compare to the others. So why did I pick this institute? They have shorter semesters, other schools takes 10 weeks to complete one semester but for mine it takes 8 weeks with longer hours of class per day. Which means I can complete all levels in 8 months (starting from Level 3) instead of one year. Living in Korea costs a lot of money because Malaysians earn shitty currency so my living expenses is 3 times the amount of the living expenses in Malaysia. So every time I buy something here I have to times three. With these shorter semesters I can complete more levels because of the limited amount of money which my mum can sponsor me.

So when I first came to this school I was really glad I picked this school. I love that the fact the school is small and the teachers were super nice and I really mean superrrrrrrr niceeeeeee. Though their text books are uhmm not really good but we are provided with workbooks which are useful and I like their teaching method.

During my first semester here, everything was great. Second semester, there were some classroom issues but that's fine. Third semester some changes in the timetable and that's okay cos I have awesome teachers and when comes to my final semester, they made us buy workbooks on top of the text books. Fine, I'll buy but then they decided to cancel the completion ceremony WITHOUT ANY FORMAL NOTIFICATION. I really think I deserved an explanation because I paid for this. I don't attend your school for free. All we get is a casual information by our teachers in which they couldn't give us a confirmation until recently. I am left with 3 weeks till my semester ends and this is what I get. So my friends and I went to the administrative office for an explanation, all we get were excuses. No solid reasons and they tried to push the responsibilities to the teachers and that's when I started to boil. Not to mention the admin office staff are the most unfriendly people in the school. Even the cafeteria aunties are more friendly than these people.

Completion ceremony might not seem to be important for some people but it was something that we as the final level students look forward to. This is because it will be one of our final memories with the school as we gather together to meet the teachers and our friends to take pictures and bid goodbyes. T_T And guess what the staff said to us, well I can get the graduation robes for you guys and you guys can have your own ceremony in class. Well you know what, fuck you very much. You can have the robes and wear them yourselves.

I really didn't expect this post is going to be a negative one, I was hoping to write a good post about the school and would recommend people to attend but I'm just sad that it turned out to be like this.

But yeah in the end I wore the robe and took pictures but still very disappointed. However, if you ask me would I recommend this school, I would say yes because of the really dedicated group of teachers and the curriculum. If you are looking for relaxing time learning Korean while enjoying Seoul I am not sure if SLI is the place for you. 5 hour class everyday plus lots of homework, essays, presentations and projects. But I like this style because if you don't keep me busy with all the work I would just slack and not study. I have to say the teachers motivate me a lot to study and do well.

Can I speak Korean well now? I have to say not really. 8 months of training is not enough, one of my teachers said finishing the course is just the beginning. Everyday conversation is not a problem and I can understand Korean dramas without subtitles but when comes to business proficiency it is too difficult for me.

Oh if you are one of those who wants to go to Korea to study so that you will bump into Korean stars, I have never bumped into one during my 9 months stay in Korea.