Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Malaysia vs South Korea

When I left for Korea I thought I am leaving my comfort zone going to the country which I always want to live in. When I came back to Malaysia I felt like I left my super comfort zone in Korea for a life which is not so comfortable in Malaysia. T_T When I came back, my allergies and eczema came back (I'm allergic to Malaysia!) I fell sick and stomach upsets and in just a month after I came back there's water rationing. What is this you tell me what is this! Really just want to get a ticket and go back to Korea T_T Yup I was feeling pretty miserable for the past month and also still haven't got a job. Sigh. Anyone in Korea wants to hire me? I can speak Korean, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. :D

So I've always been a fan of Eatyourkimchi and whenever they go to a country they would make a video of the country vs Korea. What are the similarities and differences, so I thought I want to write about one too! Just a disclaimer that these are just my opinions, it might not be facts okay!

1. Weather
Malaysia is hot and hot. Korea is hot and cold. Although there are 4 seasons in Korea, spring and autumn are short so Korea kinda has summer and winter. I was having a quite hard time during winter but if I were to choose I would prefer winter. It is easier to get warm during winter than cool down in the hot weather. And hot weather gives me headache.





2. People
Some Koreans they have that face, uhmmm they look unfriendly and arrogant aka bitchy resting face. You know that face like T-ara's Ji Yeon. Let me find you a picture. 

Uhmm.. not sure if this is a good picture cos she is so pretty. You know what I mean right? I can't say that they are unfriendly but I'm just afraid to approach them. Of course I've met friendly Koreans and also unfriendly ones. Well that same goes to Malaysians there are friendly and unfriendly ones. 

If you walk on the streets of Korea you'll find many good looking people and tall guys. When I'm free I would just go outside and do some sightseeing. lol. Koreans care a lot about their looks and they try to look their best when they go out. Which explains the plastic surgery and thousands of cosmetic shops in Korea. I can't say this is 100% true but I think some Koreans judge other people by how they look and their skin colour. :/ 

On the other hand Malaysia has racism issues which has been going on since forever. In Malaysia you can go out without make up and its perfectly fine. This is something which I can't really do while I was in Korea because everyone looked good. :( But generally I think Malaysians look friendlier. hahaha.

3. Safety
Korea is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy safer than Malaysia. I've seen police patrolling around my house area which is something that I've never seen here and in real life other than in TVB dramas lol. I was also not afraid to take the taxi alone at 1am in the morning. I can just leave my phone on the table at Starbucks and go to the toilet without being afraid somebody will take it. Koreans don't really care about your lousy phone. These are the things which I cannot do in Malaysia. Have to be always careful and alert with our surroundings. Almost every other day I heard somebody got snatch or almost got snatch. Tsk.

But when comes to driving, you have to be careful with the buses and taxis in Korea. They might kill you. D: Every time I take a bus or a taxi I would feel like puking and pray for my life. Lol.

4. Fashion
Koreans dress well but the same. They even have their own national slippers. They come in many colours and usually you will see them wearing these slippers with socks. Yup. Thats the fashion.

Koreans generally have the same fashion style, same hair style and same kinda make up style. Oh and branded bags. 

Malaysians love their t shirts and shorts and flip flops. In malls you can easily find shops that sell only flip flops and people are willing to splurge on a good pair of flip flops. hahaha. 

5. Food

As you already know Koreans eat kimchi but korean food is not just about kimchi, there are all kinds of stews, soups, hundred kinds of 반찬 (banchan), meat and lots of meat. My favourite is definitely the korean barbeque and somehow pigs in Korea taste better. XD I heard korean cows taste good too especially 한우(hanwoo)

While in Korea they have only korean food, Malaysia has Malay, Chinese, Indian, Mamak and fusion food.  

6. Dating

Korea has a lot of couples and they are everywhere. Annoying for singles like me. I don't feel as lonely in Malaysia compare while I was in Korea. 

7. Drinking

Koreans drink a lot and I mean a lot. I always see drunk people and people puking on the streets even on weekdays. Alcohol like beer and soju are cheap but liquors can be quite expensive. I've heard that young people don't usually take liquor, usually older people. I guess they are expensive that is why. 

Since Malaysia is a Muslim country alcohol can be quite expensive. But for those who take alcohol, people usually have beer and liquor. And Shandy during the Chinese New Year. Haha. 

8. Transportation

The public transportation in Seoul is 100 times more efficient than in Malaysia. Subways and buses come right on time, they even have apps for subways and buses where you can check on the timing and they are 99% accurate. In Malaysia sometimes the trains and buses might not come. Sucks.

There are many more differences between Korean and Malaysia, culture, education, the citizens (they are very united) which is kinda a bit too much to list them all. However here are some practices which I find different from how it is done in Malaysia.

1. In Korea, people seldom/do not use the close button in the elevator. 
2. You have to buy special plastic bags for your garbage. If not the garbage man will not take them. 
3. You must separate your rubbish.
4. There are almost no rubbish bins in public places.
5. Toilet paper must be thrown into the bin in the toilet and not in the toilet bowl. Toilet paper will clog the toilet bowl.
6. The pedestrian traffic light button is only for the blind.
7. It is normal to go on a blind date in Korea. 
8. You cannot sit on the seats for the old, pregnant and the sick on the subway if you are not in those categories even though they are empty. 

That is all I can think of right now. I hope this post did not offend anyone, if I did I'm sorry and I didnt mean it! Overall I really enjoyed Korea and wish to move there but things didn't work out for me so I guess I'm stuck in Malaysia forever. Sad. If there are opportunities in the future I would definitely go back!