Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hotel vs Guesthouse in Korea

Was on a business trip earlier this month and during that trip I was hotel hopping. One hotel per day. It was part of my job to do hotel inspection so that is why. All the hotels which I've stayed were really really nice and expensive. Spacious rooms, clean, super comfy beds and awesome facilities. It was a nice stay especially when I get to have the whole room myself. :D

At the end of my work trip I decided to hang around Seoul, well to do some shopping, meet some friends, eat all my favourite food. Since in Seoul, it was my own free time and of course expenses on my own and I'm just a poor employee of course I'll go for cheaper accommodation. My favourite guesthouse in Seoul was Lee & No Guesthouse which has been my option if I needed a place to stay in Seoul. But this time I thought why not try out other guesthouse as well, so after doing some searching and reading reviews I picked CindyBnB which is more of a homestay. 

Although I just paid on average 50,000 won per night for guesthouse I've got the best hospitality and service both at CindyBnb and Lee & No guesthouse. The host and manager were so friendly, helpful and always ready if you need anything. While for hotels which I've stayed cost about on average 300,000won per night did not give me such service. 

In fact one of the hotels I've stayed has the bitchiest receptionistS ever. Yup. Not just one but almost all of them. If I were to request the same help I asked from the receptionist at the hotel, the people at the guesthouse will go all the way to help me while that particular receptionist gave me an annoyed face. It was such a shame that this hotel owned by a huge company in Korea has such bad service. I was disappointed. 

Was it because I am a foreigner? While I really love Korea but during my study abroad days in Korea I felt discrimination because I was a foreigner. 

But I do have to clarify that not all hotels are like that. Some of them have really good service too. It is just that I'm really impressed and grateful for all the care I received during my stay at these guesthouses. And that is one of the reasons why I love Korea. 

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